If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Be ‘Em?

By: Eddie Clements

Probably one of the first sayings we all surely learn in America is “if ya can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”. This may work as a practical solution to some problems in sports or other areas, but is it a sound political strategy? Will Republicans join Democrats, the party of the American apartheid, in imposing an agenda on Americans unacceptable to most of us, or will they be a “loyal opposition” – meaning loyalty to the principles on which this country was founded?

When Republicans replaced Democrats in Congress as a majority party in the ninety’s, they began to evolve into Democrats, proving the Theory of Evolution while betraying the reasons they were sent there. Having been thoroughly thrashed in 2008 by a slick talker with enough coattails to elect the likes of a failed comedian with no political experience to the Senate, Republicans face permanent political minority status. Strangulation is being attempted upon the political philosophy of conservatism.

The problem has been made more difficult by the President-Elect’s willingness to meet with members of the more conservative inside-the-beltway media. Host George Will’s reasons for this meeting are neither known nor knowable, but it is unlikely these press representatives were made anything but comfortable by Obama. That is his forte’. Rush made the sharp observation that this was to put the presidential imprimatur on the members of this group as the spokespersons for the conservative viewpoint. Moderate conservatives like William Kristol, an ardent McCain-as-candidate promoter, will ameliorate the harshness with which the leftist agenda flays conservative principle. He will be the voice of pragmatism soothing the hurt of stalwart Reaganites. “Well, we have to go along for now, there will be elections in the future in which we get a chance to make corrections” seems a likely statement.
Once programs become institutionalized, however, they are hard to alter. Entitlements that are part of the status quo establish patterns of behavior that will cause disruption or displacement when altered. Federal workers hired and new bureaucracy staffed will be irreversible. Historically Democrats have politically exploited proposed changes by accusing Republicans of being insensitive, or worse, which usually backs them down. Congressional Republicans already seem to be in full retreat before the President-Elect has been sworn in, running away from potential charges of racism and obstructionism faster than the Roadrunner escapes the Coyote. They are not even asking questions like, “Isn’t there any potential Democrat candidate for Secretary of State that doesn’t have built-in conflicts of interest? Is there no Democrat who pays his taxes on schedule that could head up Treasury? Are there any Democrats qualified for Attorney General that have no questionable baggage arising from previous ill-considered decisions?”

These are questions a responsible media would be asking of an incoming administration in the days when the media actually discharged its duties with some modicum of objectivity. Since we can no longer depend on the American mainstream media to fulfill its obligations under the Constitution, the onus falls on conservative media to fill that position.

A broad spectrum of Democrats has expressed interest in using the misnamed Fairness Doctrine to suppress right-wing talk radio. The meeting with print and interview media that leans right probably contained soothing words, said with subtlety of course, that access to the President is something special and is certainly something they value. The underlying message will be that the chosen spokespersons need to persuade the right that what the Democrats and Obama do will be good for everyone, and that negative influences like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter need to be expunged from the right’s thinking. This will also have the affect of easing the pain of instituting what amounts to censorship of speech through the Fairness Doctrine; “it’s in everyone’s best interest.” The proper script will likely be the new administration’s marketing of their proposals as “good for America” and “patriotic duty”, with generous helpings of “helping others is the right thing to do”. This in the name of Unity, the messiah’s message.
Everything said during the Obama campaign was calculated to sound innocuous to the right. The calls to “bring us all together” and “end the partisan bickering in Washington” are cover for his real meaning of unity, which is to eliminate opposition to the Democrat leftist agenda. Methinks this is a conscious effort, perhaps arising accidentally, attempting to co-opt conservatives into the Obama program for change.

Obama probably melted their hardened hearts like butter melts on a hot skillet; beknighting them as loyal defenders of the king. The RINO’s will fall for it. The parallels between Hitler’s grab for power during the Third Reich and the current electoral debacle in the U.S. are frightening. Like the German industrialists falling behind Hitler to maintain their privileged positions, the milder, or moderate-right media will promote the Obama program as change we can believe in.

What program, might the reader ask? None has been proposed, but it will be. It will include all those things the left wants, and more: Gay marriage, and in the military; confiscation of wealth and redistribution to lower income people; expansion of government; nationalization and unionization of whole industries where possible; mandated universal health care; green …. everything.

There will be serious problems, but the purpose of the press will be to downplay the difficulties and play up the advantages. Objective examination is meant to be abolished. A Soviet-style propaganda machine, the likes of which we only caught a glimmer of during the campaign, will become de facto the new media. The administration already plans to use the internet to disseminate information which will, naturally, be Democrat-friendly and objection-free. All that was needed was to co-opt the moderate right-wing press, and that … well, mission accomplished. Some were there already.

The left says they want equality and justice for all. Problem is, justice and equality for all must be earned through effort, they can’t be mandated by fiat. Worse, leftist supporters of Democrats don’t even realize they have been duped by Democrats, hard-nosed politicians who have no intention of doing anything for them but use them to maintain power and privilege for the few, the few being political professionals and election contributors. Democrats are more corrupt in numbers and kind; don’t you liberals read the papers? Oh, that’s right, Democrat scandals are “oversights” or “common mistakes” – like Charlie Rangel, Democrat–New York, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which writes tax policy, not paying taxes for years.

The object of the left is to destroy conservatism altogether. In one fell swoop, such a coup will subrogate Christianity while enlisting cadres of devoted followers to the left mantra of equality and justice for all. Who wouldn’t want something for nothing? The right can’t beat that, so join us on the left!

Eddie Clements

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