Congratulations — and Don’t Come Back

By: Guest Authors

by David Bozeman

This morning in our Democratic Party propaganda sheet — er, Sunday paper, I read a news piece — yes, a news piece — so gushing, so nauseating that I hope fellow conservatives were not reading the same article with their breakfasts. They would have lost it, as I almost did.

The Washington Post story entitled ‘Americans Abroad Find it Easier to Wave Flag’ began with quotes from an American living in London who is planning an inaugural bash at a local restaurant. “It’s cool to be American again. Finally! I’m tired of pretending to be Canadian. . . I’m no longer scolded about the Iraq War, Guantanamo Bay or US climate policy. . . People would question me, ‘Where are the weapons of mass destruction?’”

She does not align herself with any party, but the story must inform us that she comes from a Republican family. Puh-leez. People who announce that they are ashamed to call themselves Americans to curry favor with the oh-so sophisticated Europeans are almost exclusively LIBERALS. The long-suffering, finally-liberated expatriate also noted that people again want to hang out at American parties.

I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that.

The article continued with other such observations from Americans abroad, many of whom also felt targeted by criticism of US policy. They, too, would claim or infer to be Canadian. A Los Angeles native living in Johannesburg, South Africa says that, “The Bush era has been tough. . . It was cool to know an American in the early 1990s.” This is one of those rare ‘serious’ news stories that uses the word ‘cool’ at least twice.

A teacher from New York living in Prague says she no longer hesitates to say she is American. “Thank God! It feels better. The people I work with give me high-fives and say things like ‘You can be proud to be from your country again.’”

How these brave souls suffered during the Bush years. Oh, the humanity.

But the darkness has lifted. On January 20, US citizens can get into Madame Tussauds wax museum in London for free! Krispy Kreme doughnut shops in Britain will offer free Cafe Americanos to anyone who walks in and says ‘Yes, We Can!’

Spare me.

Barack Obama does not enrage me nearly as much as these featherheads whose voices, mercifully, were dormant during the dark days of the Bush Administration. Now, thanks to our lemming news media, they have crawled out of the woodwork. No doubt they consider themselves America’s best and brightest, but if I was a European and encountered such self-absorbed turncoats, I would probably hate Americans, too.

While they were abroad, studying and imparting their infinite wisdom, another group of Americans, our soldiers, were abroad in some of the most Godforsaken parts of the world. In 100-plus degree heat, in full body-armor, dodging grenades and sniper fire, literally giving lives and limbs, they fought to free, not just the US but the trendy sidewalks of European capitals from Islamic terrorism. Thanks to them, the coalition soldiers of allied nations and the leadership of George W. Bush, the word ‘Islamofacism’ has all but vanished from our public lexicon and we can now babble about such vague, cloudy concepts as ‘hope’ and ‘change.’

I just wonder, how many American soldiers, when facing injury and death, claimed to be Canadian.

How many of our soldiers, building schools and passing out candy to Iraqi children, felt less than proud to call themselves Americans?

Can you name for me one American soldier who is unwilling to show his country’s flag? Yes, the article quotes a sissy-britches abroad who is finally willing to let her child wave a tiny American flag.

Note to our soldiers: YOU deserve the high-fives, along with our heartfelt gratitude. Note to the media: For future profiles in courage, spare me the hand-wringing of those who faced cold-shoulders on the party circuit. Note to the expatriates: I’m glad that President Obama has raised the international cool quotient and that you get to rub elbows again with those-who-matter-most. Now do America a favor — don’t come back.

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