Obama – Iceberg President – Hope And Change

By: Michael John McCrae

The president of hope and change has rapidly engaged in giving hope and change to his various constituencies.

He has rescinded abortion restrictions to give hope to those who want Roe v. Wade as the national gold standard for killing innocent babies and to change the policies that kept taxpayer dollars from the federal funding of infanticide. The FDA rejoiced and instantly approved embryonic stem cell research restrictions be lifted. Hooray! We can not only kill more babies, but we can create as many as we need to satiate our lust for baby-death!

He has loosened Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) restrictions to give hope to Rep. John Conyers and others who are calling for investigations and treason trials for Former President Bush and Former Vice-President Cheney and to change media’s attention from his present presidential stupidities to supposed Republican “war crimes”.

He has ordered the closing of the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba detention center and terrorist day spa to give vital doses of hope to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups that their ranks will soon be swelled by the remaining 250 hard-core killers housed there and to change the world-wide attitude of Muslims into complete agreement with Osama bin Laden’s “Paper Tiger” assessment of America.

He has nominated tax cheats, communists and Clintons to high political positions to give hope to other tax cheats like Charles Rangel, other communists like Hu Jintao of China and other Clintons like Chelsea that their futures are assured, their power positions are not threatened and a change from democratic rule to that of dictatorial fiat is forthcoming!


I had hoped Obama would be truthful about his lineage but that hope was sadly dashed.

I didn’t get a bail-out.

I didn’t get stimulated.

But, I bet I’ll get a tax increase so some non-worker somewhere will get what is stolen from me redistributed as a form of undeserved tax rebate.

Nancy Pelosi says: “We won!” So Barney Frank (author of the economic meltdown) immediately dipped his hands into the TARP and came up with $12 million to bail out a “black-bank” in his congressional district. Barney Frank took that one right out of: “The Charley Rangel Liberal Tax Cheats and Socialist Redistributionist’s Playbook for Dummies” 2009 Edition.

The one who “won” it all for Ms. Nancy is keeping his “blackberry”. He doesn’t want to be called “Bubble-Boy” apparently; desiring to keep close tabs on his more “intimate” associates; presumably including Obama’s anonymous autobiographical co-author (for the next edition of his life-story entitled “The Audacity of Audacity”) and his other more intimate intimates; presumably Jeremiah, Michael, William (or is that a redundancy?), Mohammad and some guy in Pakistan with the keyboard handle “Tall Jihadi”. (DISCLAIMER: Any person living or attached to a kidney machine bearing any resemblance to anyone cited in this paragraph is simply on the side of coincidence.)

This child-king who tells Republicans we should not listen to Rush Limbaugh is going to overreach. The fact is Obama should be not only listening to Limbaugh but should be considering Limbaugh as White House Chief of Staff. And of course pigs should be able to fly and people in hell should be able to ice-skate every once in a while. But a true conservative knows these sentiments well.

The initial moves of the new administration are not encouraging. The “hope” coming from me is a “hope” America isn’t so completely corrupted by democrat policies that I contemplate moving to Europe with Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna.

The point is a president is supposed to be in a “bubble”. He is not supposed to be opening his fly; hoping the draft won’t freeze his jewels. I believe Obama and his jewels constitute an iceberg as described in the first two “Encarta Dictionary” definitions. A person would be wise to look those up.

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