Conservative Talk Show Hosts, Give Obama A Break!

By: Ken Hughes

Don’t show disrespect for the new Black Messiah Barack Obama until he proves he’s deserving, give him a few weeks to really screw things up!

When George Bush took over the Oval office in 2001 the media was having a field day at his expense. According to them he was the most despicable man on earth, not fit for public office. Every conservative talk show host and pundit in America objected, and rightly so. Now a Democratic liberal is occupying the Oval office conservative pundits from far and wide are mouthing the same objections we heard from liberals in 2001 and 2005. It doesn’t matter how many platitudes and pleasantries they add to their harsh rhetoric the end result is the same, talk show hosts are sore losers. I say back off until there’s something concrete to base their negative assumptions on then let Obama have it with both barrels.

I’m not pleased with the public’s choice of president however that’s what democracy is all about, the public’s choice. I wasn’t pleased with John McCain as a republican choice. I crossed his name out and wrote in Sarah Palin. And yes my vote counted, every vote is an expression of our personal beliefs and voter’s beliefs are what count in free elections. In my opinion this past election there were too many voters following the Yellow Brick road to Wonderland Kansas to join the Messiah. There’s no way Barack Obama can meet the expectations that have arisen from his campaign promises. It’s up to Obama to sink or swim in the ocean of optimism he’s falsely created for public consumption.

Barack Obama’s experiences came from Chicago machine politics, although impressive in their ability to manipulate the system it’s hardly on a scale of national politics, Obama hasn’t paid his dues.

Abraham Lincoln wrote his own speeches on the backs of envelopes. Obama has researchers and writers who spend hours / days creating perfect phrases to match the next audience’s aspirations Obama is a master delivering the written word, he fails badly when he doesn’t have a script to follow.

Barack Obama has absolutely no record of accomplishments to back up his promises. His presidential campaign was like one of the old Broadway Musicals, It went over big in Peoria but will it succeed on the Great White Way. I don’t think it will last eight years but we should at least give the man a chance to sink or swim in his own words and un-kept promises

If history is any criteria we know any nation where the government tries to manage the economy it’s not been successful. Government bureaucracies simply don’t have the motivation or experience to run profit based industries, [aka socialism]. It’s the creation of good and services sold for profit as well as pride of accomplishment that fuels this nation economy, not government welfare programs. Obama’s promise of ushering more underachievers into the community of non-achievers for the purpose of making things fair doesn’t offer either hope or prosperity to either. Democrats have known for years if they can keep the poor mentally and emotionally captivated and add to the ranks of those dependent of government they can hold power. Once the public understands the cost of Obama’s socialist society doesn’t offer the good life his for the majority agenda will come crashing down.

This isn’t the first time America has faced a new president who thought they knew better than the average American citizen. Because Americans are the most diverse and free people on earth they don’t consider the government a high priority, with the average American citizen politics is seasonal. We elect those we consider qualified to manage the affairs of state and only the affairs of state not to micro-manage the citizen’s everyday lives.

We don’t know what kind of president Obama will be, he’s backtracked side stepped and two stepped around the issues since the day he decided to run for president. At one point Obama had a plan for America so secret he couldn’t discuss the details with his closest confidents. That plan obviously was to reach out to former Clinton’estas to do for him what they couldn’t do for Clinton. In all fairness he can’t surrender us to Al Qaeda Hugo Chavez or any of those American haters he says he’ll negotiate with. Negations are worthwhile when both sides negotiate, so far Al Qaeda and the other terrorist haven’t shown any willingness to discuss openly with out preconditions. Congress would put a halt to that in a hillbilly heartbeat. Congress will support Obama right after they smell the coffee to see what direction public opinion is going. No congress person is about to put their jobs on the line for Obama.

Those people going ga-ga over what they see as Obama’s coronation are putting him in a very awkward position. The first time he stumbles and the media picks it up I have no doubt they’ll turn on him and there goes the bubble that here to for had shielded him form the realities of the job and life. At this time neither historic nor hero applies to Obama he hasn’t done anything to rate such adulations. No man earns the presidency it’s given to them by the citizen of this country. Once the candidates have been chosen about the only choice is either one or the other, that’s not what hero’s are made of. It takes more than a mans skin color to make him a historic figure, it takes time and accomplishments. More than one black man made it to the top of the mountain only to stumble and fall from the weight of his compromises reaching his accomplishment.

Obama may very well prove he’s capable of doing the job of president once he gets on the job and learns what’s fact and what’s media hype. Obama will soon learn he’s the new media target of those who once bathed him in adulations he can’t possibly live up to will turn on him. The media has a clever way with words they destroy reputations and call it news any retractions are few and far between. If there were a museum of Media Mistakes it would dwarf any museum this country has now.

I don’t think this country will stand for Obama’s socialist agenda for long. When the pundits start comparing the failed policies of FDR and the 1930’s New Deal and the Carter years of inflation to Obama’s rehashed Raw Deals the democratic dominance of government will be short lived……. I applaud President Bush’s parting shot when he said “Both parties need new leadership” who would know better?

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