Send Gitmo Detainees to Johnstown

By: Craig Chamberlain

Making good on a campaign promise, President Obama issued an executive order that camp delta at Guantanamo Bay would be shut down within one year. Many conservatives didn’t really think that Obama was serious. “It’s just campaign rhetoric” or “it’s just red meat for the base” most didn’t think that Obama actually meant what he said. Well, it should be painfully obvious now that Obama meant everything he said on the campaign trail. It’s going to be a long four years America.

But what Obama hasn’t done yet is say where he will put the detainees currently residing at Gitmo. His leftist base secretly hopes that he’ll just let the poor innocents go. After all these poor abused men were placed there by order of former President Bush just because they were Muslims. (If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’m interested in selling) But, in reality, they have to go somewhere. These men are just too dangerous to be put back into society, and their home countries want nothing to do with them.

So I think President Obama should take Jack Murtha up on his offer. If Jihadist Jack thinks they’re no more dangerous than your average criminal then let’s send them to Johnstown Pennsylvania. Let’s see if his constituents share his enthusiasm for housing enemy fighters. The hypocrites of the world held their noses at guantanamo bay, even though the prisoners were treated far more humanely than they deserved, and certainly better treated in Bush’s Gitmo, than the Japanese were in FDR’s internment camps. The rest of the world offered criticism but no solution. Let’s see if China is willing to take back Chinese jihadists, or if Britain is willing to take back British citizens who are eager to kill in the name of allah.

I doubt the chosen one will find any takers.

Guantanamo Bay was the cause stupid people could get behind. It let them attack something that served a real good, and allowed them to feel themselves the moral, and intellectual superiors of the people who disagreed with them. Well to those who pledge their allegiance to the dear leader, what are you going to do with the murderous psychopaths?

Clearly, they are too dangerous to be allowed to go free. Not even the messiah is talking about doing that, yet. So where is he going to put them? The left has taken up their cause with such gusto they should have to take care of them. Jihadist Jack Murtha wants them, he should get them. I wonder, though, that when push comes to shove if he will actually take them, or if like a typical leftist he’ll scream “not in my backyard” like a Martha’s Vineyard environmentalist screaming about clean energy then throwing a tantrum at the idea of windmills in their neighborhood.

No, things that are ugly and dangerous- but necessary- are to be kept away from them no matter how much they preach on the need for it. The left might applaud the closing of Gitmo, but they’ll not let the detainees anywhere near them. No, the oligarchs will insist that they be kept far away from them, let poor people deal with them.

Murtha thinks that the Jihadists of Gitmo are not a threat to anyone, let’s find out if the people of Johnstown Pennsylvania agree with him.

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