What President Bush Didn’t Say To The Nation

By: Ken Hughes

President Bush spent much of his last two weeks in office meeting with those media and pundits he felt were either loyal or at least fair when representing his eight years in the office of president. Unlike some previous presidents he hasn’t tried to make his last weeks his most productive time. In fact he’s given president elect Obama room to maneuver and set the pace for his coming administration. George Bush has been the most gracious president we’ve seen in a long time. Watching the interview with presidents Bush on Fox News Sunday it was obvious Bush 41 wasn’t comfortable when Bush 43 was cheering the Obama presidency on as though they were on the same page. Both Bush’s refuse to be critical of Obama they both spoke highly of him and wished him well. That’s not only a family trait it’s a Texas trait as well, Texas politics may be brutal going in but it’s very civil coming out. Those Texas politicians who aren’t thrown out of office retire recognized as Gentleman. Bush 41 has devoted his energy to fund raising for the unfortunate along with Bill Clinton. There’s no question Bush 43 will devote much of his time working for what he considers worthy causes.

What Bush couldn’t or wouldn’t say was how congress did everything in its power to disrupt his administration from the start. When Bush requested tax cuts across the board congress passed them then accused him of favoring the rich. When Bush requested energy policies congress turned GREEN, favoring technologies that are still a long way out in the future. When Bush called for regulations on lending intuitions congress opened the flood gates on lending. Bush warned the residence of New Orleans three days before Katrina landed to leave town and sent help to be there when it was needed. The bureaucracy in the Louisiana and New Orleans governments screwed things up, guess who got the blame? Any problems of the past eight years can be laid directly at the feet of both political parties and both houses of congress as well as government bureaucracies. These are only a few of the roadblocks Bush encountered throughout the eight years of his presidency. Bush isn’t a complainer so he didn’t
say what we all know he was thinking.

George Bush has only a few days left as president, He could do as some previous president have done. He could issue some grand proclamations granting something the nation would regret later and the next president would have to rescind they way he was treated. Or he can slip out with dignity as other presidents have done. I choose to think He and Laura will fly to Texas without fan fare and take up the next step in their lives. I can almost guarantee George Bush will not be making any public policy statements after leaving office. If there’s a Bush campaigning in the near future it will be Jeb not George.

The media and the Bush adversaries created a George Bush that was [and is] a country mile removed from the real George Bush. Because he didn’t behave like a normal politician spending every waking moment covering his tracks he was viewed as weak and not very bright when in fact he was miles ahead of his critics. If Bush had a fault it was assuming those around him possessed the same confidence in what they were required to do as the president did. The trust Bush placed in some of his advisors cost him by diminishing his reputation and cost the country as well. This is not to suggest everything Bush did was right, he made mistakes like everyone including other politicians. Bush’s mistakes were honest given the circumstances at the time. Expecting one man to please the entire world is a tall order to live up to. Bush was honest and corrected his errors when they were proven, what he didn’t do was jump every time someone disagreed with one of his decisions keeping his administration constantly on its toes waiting for changes to come.

President Bush spent is final weeks bidding many who were his friend’s confidents and advisors a fond farewell. He flew to Afghanistan and Iraq to personally thank the troops for their magnificent performance under difficult conditions. He held a number of personal meetings in the Oval Office with conservative reporters and talk show hosts. He invited Rush Limbaugh to a private luncheon in the Whitehouse where he presented Limbaugh with a birthday cake and sang happy birthday to him. In short Bush did the things he would have liked to do had it not been for a two front war, considering his relationship with congress perhaps it should be considered a three front war.

The first eight years of the 21st century have been anything but cohesive. There’s been more division of opinion in every subject that governs our lives than anytime in the countries history. For the second time in the history of the country a president had been elected by a minority of the popular vote. For the second time the country was still felling the after effects of a presidential impeachment. For the first time in the history of the country a sitting president was convicted of a felony. Democrats and Republicans were literally at war, it didn’t matter who was elected president in 2000 that person was going to suffer the frustrations of political losers for as long as he was in office. President Obama will have the security of winning in an election without controversy, [deserved or not.] For eight years President Bush was hammered like so many railroad spikes. In spite of his treatment Bush never wavered in his duties to the country, he always did what he felt was in the best interest of the public.

Now we come to the real culprits out to undo nearly all the founding fathers proclamations, which would be the Congress of the United States. Presidents can’t make law that is the soul responsibility of congress, presidents can’t commit funds they can only request, and congress holds the nations check book in their hands. Law and Money are the things that give power to politicians, that and the fourth estate [the media.] Whoever holds these critical elements in one hand hold the nation hostage in the other hand?

Mr. President not everyone in this great country feels you have failed us. Given the character and instability of your two opponents for the office many of us thank the almighty for sending you to Washington. For all its perks and pampering being president of the USA for eight years is probably the hardest job in the world. We can only imagine the relief George and Laura Bush will feel once back on the ranch in Crawford Texas.

If I were to point an accusing finger at President Bush [43] it would be he wasn’t arrogant enough to be president. He lacked the ability to ignore the advice of those he trusted when it was politically prudent. I admire Bush for standing up and defending his decisions and ignoring the waste in political capital, some men prefer to be right rather than popular. In 100 years George Bush will be remembered as a president who was able to perform under pressure. It takes researchers time to put all the facts together to understand a mans worth in the grand scale of things. I think George Bush will be comfortable with that. History doesn’t recognize greatness until the grass covers the final resting place of the subject.

Return to Texas Mr. Bush you gave it eight years of what you considered your best and no one can ask for more. For the most part we are comfortable with that. Any mistakes you may have made were no worse than those of any president we’ve had or will have. I can think of some who were a lot worse. America is a better place because you were here. In the end it’s how a person feels about themselves that’s important not what the Nay-Sayers think. If we leave this earth with our heads up they’ll surely be held high throughout eternity.

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