Barack Obama Just Made His Biggest Mistake

By: Ken Hughes

When Barack Obama took Rush Limbaugh on he made the biggest mistake of his life. Rush Limbaugh has a daily audience that trumps the votes Obama received after 2 years of campaigning. In the eyes of a majority of Americans Rush Limbaugh tells the public the truth day after day. It’s a fact most people don’t trust the media, now the media is beginning to question Obama and Obama is trying to control the news coming out of the Whitehouse. Not even a week has passed and he’s muzzling the media, not a smart move Mr. President.

Rush Limbaugh’s survived 20 years of unprecedented lies and criticism, a few critical words from Obama is like fine wine to Mr. Limbaugh it only serves to wet an appetite for information feeding his daily show. There’s nothing Obama can say that isn’t going to be turned into hamburger by Mr. Limbaugh. In the 230 [plus] years this nation has survived political differences few men have captured the attention and trust of the public like Mr. Limbaugh has. President Obama still doesn’t get it he isn’t going to win over republicans in congress by telling them who and what they can listen to.

Few American citizens can claim to be Harvard educated elitists, so when any person flaunts his or her credentials in front of the public they are apt to make enemies, when they attack cretin public icons they’re sure to be resented. When a public official in Obama’s position makes negative remarks about a person with 10 million followers it’s more apt than not to backfire on them. There’s nothing Obama can do to Rush Limbaugh that Mr. Limbaugh can’t return ten fold and more. Both Mr. Limbaugh and President Obama serve at the pleasure of the public, a lesson Bill Clinton learned to late. I have no doubt there’ll still be a Rush Limbaugh when Barack Obama is a paragraph in the history books.

Barack Obama’s priorities seem to be surfacing. First he’s a black president rather than a president who happen to be black. Second he’s a socialist intent on bringing down the capitalist system. Third he’s a closet dictator and least of all he’s a non-practicing American citizen. [I stand by my words.]

I’ll stick my foot out and predict by the Easter Holliday Obama will have pissed Nancy Pelosi off to the point he won’t be able to get a free cup of coffee out of congress. Its obvious Obama hasn’t read the field manual of what a president can and can’t do without the advice and consent of congress. Obama will soon learn congress is subservient to no man or woman outside of their own click.

Barack Obama has given Rush Limbaugh more to chew on than all the Liberals that preceded him in the past 20 years. Every talk show host in America would kill to be able to go one on one with the President of the United States. Barack Obama screwed the pooch taking on the wrong pundit when he took on Rush Limbaugh. You can bet for the next four years Mr. Limbaugh will put a magnifying glass on every wart and pimple that shows up on the Obama administration and there’s nothing Obama can do about it short of having Mr. Limbaugh wasted in some way.

Every talk show host in America will latch on to the master’s words and perpetuate the discontent conservatives have for Obama and his liberalism. Obama can’t win this challenge he’s gotten himself into, Mr. Limbaugh can’t lose. Democrats made president bashing an art form starting with Ronald Reagan now it’s coming back to bit them in the A** and they don’t like it. Yes Homer there is a God and he / she is a Conservative.

Hang on President Obama you’re in for the ride of a lifetime and there’s not a dammed thing you can do to stop it.

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