Needing That Armored Conservative

By: Michael John McCrae

I have been reading a lot from so-called conservative writers and pundits of the needs of the Republicans to regain power in Washington, D.C.

One of the foremost “needs” is voiced as a need to be civil and tolerant of liberals and the agenda of liberals. We need to give liberals a chance to make their socialistic dogma work for the benefit of America. We need to permit the socialization of America.

Allow me to be the first to tell these so-called conservatives that they are traitors.

We know who President Obama is and we know that his personal idealism has been tried by the best minds communism ever had to offer the world. We also know that all the ideals and ideas of these premier socialist intellectuals were abject failures.

So it has been proven that communism just does not work. So too it has been proven that socialism just does not work. As proven, it holds that President Obama is apparently not a student of history as he suggests policies and procedures mirroring those that prolonged the “Great Depression” America experienced under the policies of Franklin Roosevelt.

It is appalling that our new president is so arrogant that he believes signing an executive order his staff put together without, apparently, learning its exact content could gain him the political approval of the entire national electorate.

President Obama has to act quickly while the mainstream media is still reveling in their coup; having engineered the election of America’s first foreign-born national to the country’s highest political office. It is sad that our new president will not act to relieve the doubts of 60 million voters; preferring secrecy created by liberal courts to keep his own records out of public scrutiny. President Obama will remain protected by his fawning liberally-biased media entourage.

Where is that armored conservative?

Where is the leader who will stand up and let the rooftops know that killing unborn children is the epitome of murder?

Where is that brash and truthful person who is unafraid to counter the liberal lies of lost wars and evil American soldiers?

Where is that intelligent and knowledgeable one who has studied the historical elements of economy; knowing that tax cuts create growth while tax increases only serve to damage small business and cause the loss of jobs?

Where is that person who is boldly willing to scrap the IRS and determine a Flat Tax while forcing the Congress into spending austerity?

Where is that Commander in Chief who can call an enemy an enemy and determine the protection of America at all costs and means necessary?

Where is the person willing to dress the Worker’s Unions down for their theft of personal funds to support a liberal political agenda while returning no benefits to society? Why still can’t Johnny read after all the millions spent? Why can’t the Big Three make a buck that doesn’t get stuffed into some union boss’s bank account?

Where is that person willing to stand up and tell the likes of Barney Frank, Charles Rangel, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd and Harry Reid that they should be the ones on trial for creating and exacerbating the programs that have destroyed the national economy? They should not be the ones now entrusted with billions of dollars more for their liberal pork barrel!

Where is that Armored Conservative?

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