Obama, Pelosi, Butt Heads – The Left Hand Not Knowing What The Other Left Hand Is Doing!

By: Michael John McCrae

Columnist Doug Giles reports this week on an interview with columnist Matt Barber about a White House webpage update supporting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual (LGBT) lobby; detailing plans for:

The re-definition of marriage to include homosexuals; the repeal of former president Bill Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), to ensure all states recognize gay marriages performed in Massachusetts and Connecticut; the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to the detriment of the United States’ military forces; the expansion of “hate crimes” legislation, enabling gay activists easier access to sue religious organizations who use scripture to rightfully decry homosexuality; the passing of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), to force all businesses, including religious organizations, to accept without question homosexual employees and the expansion of the so-called “right” of homosexuals to adopt heterosexual children for the purpose of expounding gay propaganda and influence into the minds of impressionable youth.

Did President Barack Hussein Obama consult with House Speaker and senior liberal Nancy Pelosi?

Old Nancy Pelosi was on the liberal television stump with George Stephanopoulos this past weekend declaring “birth control” funding be added “…to the new economic stimulus package…” as reported on Monday’s “Drudge Report” website.

This is a sad case of one left hand not telling the other left hand what’s going on!

Mr. Obama’s gays who care to adopt will not be able to find enough eligible young proselytes should Pelosi’s “birth control” become fully funded by the heterosexual taxpaying public. Obama and Pelosi are clearly butting heads!

What does funding for contraceptives have to do with “stimulus”? Well, it might “stimulate” additional sexual activity between teenagers and adulterous adults; resulting in an increase in family planning activities, the pornography industry and divorce court actions. This would certainly be an economic boon to three of the liberal’s major voting blocs: abortionists, trial lawyers and Larry Flynt!

Of course gays don’t bother with contraception since both a guy and a guy nor a girl and a girl can naturally make a baby. Gays must depend on their friends in the liberal courts of the land and a homosexually-friendly president to create special rights for their sexual proclivities under the guise of “Civil Rights”.

Yet, as little as the LGBT community fails to support the contraceptive industry it doesn’t matter. Ms. Pelosi’s obvious aim is an increase in the number of deaths by abortion. It has nothing to do with any massive influx in condom distribution. Nancy is trying to save the states money, not only by federally supplying condoms, but by fully funding abortion services to keep the “costs” borne by states reasonably low.

I believe Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Obama should have discussed each other’s plans concerning “stimulus”. Clearly one was thinking “economically” while the other was thinking “sexually”. I’m sure if they discussed these liberal ideals further they could agree on some sort of compromise that would stimulate all their LGBT partners, campaign contributing trial lawyers, pornography industry CEO’s and abortion supporting medical practitioners.

It is too soon in this brand new liberal socialist administration completely controlled by democrats and liberal republicans to make any immediate judgment. Even though this decidedly communist-leaning group of politicos is preparing America to accept their brand of atheism-light; speaking of God when politically expedient while standing sincerely in un-belief; conservatives had better decide where they will stand.

Do we blindly accept the Saul Alinsky, William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright-inspired lunacy displayed in the actions of Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi? Do we continue to voice the importance of standing against the sexual immorality displayed in the LGBT agenda?
Do we quiet our voices against the murder legalized in contraceptive abortion?

This column, I believe, is my answer to such questions.

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