More Suited for Elective Office: Rush or Oprah?

By: John Lillpop

How is it that talk show hosts are mentioned so prominently in political news these days?

The latest kerfuffel originated with President Obama who, despite the ugliest economy in 80 years, two foreign wars, each longer than World War 11, and an unmanageable glut of domestic messes left by former President George W. Bush, found time and the audacity to lecture Republicans about their radio listening habits.

Two immediate questions come to mind:

1. Has Obama EVER listened to El Rushbo? If so, how recently and what, if anything, did BHO learn?

2. Why would the most liberal president in history suppose that conservatives would give a tinker’s dam about his views on El Rushbo?

Think about it: How would BHO react if a leading Republican senator demanded that the president, ” Stop listening to Oprah!”

Would such a plea persuade BHO to watch C-Span instead of America’s weight loss/gain guru every afternoon?

Adding to the insanity is the revelation by Illinois Governor Blagojevich that he actually considering appointing Oprah Winfrey to the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Obama’s successful purchase of the White House.

Two intriguing questions spin out from Blago’s disclosure:

1. Is the governor laying the groundwork for an insanity plea?

2. Did Oprah lose the Senate seat because hers was a “low-ball” offer?

As for El Rushbo, the man is clearly best suited for high office.

Among his superior attributes are his grit and determination in taking off and keeping off unsightly fat, something that Oprah has never managed.

His other major advantage involves integrity and character: Limbaugh is not from Chicago and has no history of being a mobster, a moniker that automatically applies to anyone who has dabbled in Illinois politics.

Besides, Limbaugh owns a huge polling advantage: There are one hell of a lot more ditto heads than welfare queens out there!

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