Let The Games Begin

By: Ken Hughes

For his first week as president Obama took the fairly safe road of repealing many of the Bush executive orders. In the next few weeks he’ll be challenged by congressional democrats when he’s forced to face rescinding some of their pet projects in order to continue his agenda. One project that’s coming up for review is the 25 miles of wind generators in the waters of Nantucket Sound, Senator Ted Kennedy’s favorite sailing spot. Kennedy has successfully blocked this project for a number of years. The question is will Obama have the muscle to override another Kennedy veto? Nancy Pelosi put the Democratic Party on the spot when she said abortion would benefit the economy. There isn’t a mother in the country that would put the economy before her child. Women who use abortions as a form of birth control aren’t usually the people who political parties can depend on for support. When Barack Obama foolishly challenged one of the most influential voices in America he set himself up for 4 years of criticism. Rush Limbaugh is a master of the spoken word, he has one of the keenest political minds in this country and he has 10 million plus devoted followers and growing something Barack Obama can’t claim. Rush Limbaugh can spend the next 4 years 24 / 7 nipping away at the Obama administration in such a manor when they complain it will only add credence to his claims. These are three gigantic errors the Obama and friends committed in their first 5 ½ days, there were less egregious errors that will add fuel to the fires that are starting to engulf Obama. When politicians have a problem and they want to know what the public thinks they go the Washington think tanks, think tanks go to the water cooler down the hall to discuss problems, no one contacts the public to learn the facts.

Obama is coming to the job swinging a sword of what he perceives to be justice, the question is justices for whom and at what cost? We are a nation of 300 million [plus] citizens. In this democratic republic the people are the ultimate decision makers not congress and certainly not a president who hasn’t been on the job a week. Many of Obama’s progressive reforms are proposals going back 70 years to the Roosevelt administration. He’s expecting a cadre of Clinton has beens to chauffeur him through the maze of criticism from his opposition, public mistrust and discontent. As sure as day follows night the public will no more trust an Obama presidency than they did Bush or Clinton. It’s that mistrust that keeps politicians from stealing all the Girl Scout Cookies, Barack Obama is my 14th president and I can’t recall one who wasn’t tainted by a great deal of criticism from all sides.

At the suggestion of Mile Huckabee I logged on to www.whitehouse.gov/agenda what I found could have come from the Karl Marx Manifesto. In column A, [agenda] is a blue print for American socialism. In column B. is how the public would benefit and pay for all the new progressive programs. Column B explains how every one is entitled to pretty much the same standard of living and they really shouldn’t have to put out any extra effort if they don’t care to, according to column B it’s their constitutional right. According to column B everyone except those people who work and earn a living will share in tax reductions and rebates. Again according to column B there will be two classes defined by the government, the privileged and the underprivileged, the criteria for classifications will be determined later. How long will “We the people” stand by and allow our great country to be turned into a European subculture?

It seems the Harvard educated democratic eastern elitists are still in hopes the colonies can be rescued from culturally deprived western hillbilly heathens and return to the mother country, England. I can understand democrats they huddled comfortably in a nest of negativity and feed on gloom and despair while the rest of us actually work for a more prosperous America. Obama has been president one week and according to the media he’s taken over the process of legislating what the founding father created congress to do. This brings up the question will Obama and the media set congress on a shelf somewhere and take over running the country of the people without the people, it’s beginning to look that way.

I’ve never considered Obama much of an intellectual, now I question if he has any intelligence at all. A few months ago an Obama sound bit suggested he had been a professor teaching constructional law at some obscure college somewhere. So far in his first week in office Obama has violated half of the articles of the construction. It should be noted it’s the articles not the amendments of the constitution that define a president’s responsibilities and authority. This concerns me, for 230 years this country has managed to conduct business in a manor described by the rules agreed to in the Continental Congress prior to declaring the thirteen colonies a nation. Now after 230 years we have an unknown unchallenged individual come along and tell us for two centuries we’ve had it all wrong. Without the advice and consent of congress Obama has taken it on himself to restructure a nation he neither understands agrees with or respects. The first thought that goes through a reasonable persons
mind is Obama is a con man out for all he can get. Or perhaps he’s serious in his beliefs socialism is the way of the future. Obama isn’t smart enough to form an opinion on much of anything with out his handler’s approval. He’s a programmable robot controlled by the Easter Elitists who want a world order where “We the People” are slaves to their authority.

It’s being suggested we all give Obama a chance, there’s a problem with that, before we can give him a chance we must first asses the potential damage he can do while he’s enjoying his chances. If I’m correct this government is designed to accommodate and equal representation of all the people. It’s supposed to take the consensus of 535 congress persons to make decisions. It’s those representatives chosen by the people who are charged with defining what where and when rules should be altered or rescinded, it’s not the privilege of a president. Obama seems not to understand he serves at the pleasure of the people he’s not their master nor is he anointed by Allah.

Is it possible by the time the public sobers up from drinking the Obama Brand Kool-Aid he will have cleaned out the bank account stolen all the wedding presents and run off with some Al Qaeda Princess?

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