Bush Was Right GOP Needs New Leadership

By: Ken Hughes

Both presidents Bush 41 and 43 have made it clear they are not the most enthusiastic supporters of the current Republican leadership. It’s no wonder the GOP left George W out on the window ledge struggling to hang on while they caved in to the ranting of Nancy Pelosi and her liberal followers. Somewhere in the late 20th century the mood of congress changed from a gentleman’s club where fine cigars good Kentucky Bourbon and the niceties of disagreements were resolved and turned into what now amounts to cage matches not unlike those seen on reality TV. Congress has become an imperial house of corrupted antagonists. The will of the people no longer is of any interest to the new congress only their self interests prevail.

For eight years President George Bush was pummeled with some of the most despicable accusations ever hurled at a president. Now the GOP is demanding Rush Limbaugh another victim of false allegations by liberal congress persons is told to play nice with the new president, Barack Obama. If not for Rush Limbaugh and his kind how is the country going to learn of all the corruption and deception going on in government. Certainly not through the main stream media, they’re the co-conspirators of this government run a-muck.

Presidents and congress aren’t keeping up with new technologies and the public isn’t bothering to keep up with elected officials. The public is way out front accepting and understanding technology, perhaps that’s why they aren’t paying attention to what’s happening to their government. The very freedoms men and women fought for years to preserve are being eroded away, no time more than in the past week by this new president. There’s every indication the GOP will wave the white flag of surrender if and when any of Obama’s proposals ever reach the floors of congress. It seems from the reports by the media he will try to use his executive powers to by pass a vote of congress for many of his edicts, a process that’s very liberal but not very constitutional. Barack Obama isn’t a Messiah or a King, he isn’t a dictator and he didn’t take over in a bloodless coup. Obama was elected to serve at the pleasure of the people, if the people find no pleasure in his service his ambitions will have
been for nothing.

The problem with Obama’s stimulus package it simply won’t work because it has no foundation. We are a capitalist society our strength comes from commerce not from government. Without a robust private sector the government can’t function. The government is comprised of takers not producers, if the producer’s abilities are limited by governments over regulations and excessive taxation it limits what they can contribute to the welfare of the nation. Without producers contributions the government shuts down, as has been the case in many third world countries. The media and politicians operate on buzz words, one of the recent ones was “Excess Profits” attached to the oil industry. The reason there were high profits is because foolish regulation promoted by environmentalists groups with no idea what they were creating forced congress to enact legislation prohibiting the oil companies from expanding refining capabilities and from producing domestic product that would have been considerabl
y cheaper and created jobs.

The American Auto industry is failing because congress who are predominately lawyers are trying to act like scientists and engineers. All congresses information comes from 60’s Flower Children ideology when everything stamped made in America was evil. Environmentalism has gone from a religion of a few zealots to a cash producing industry for a group of slick opportunists, where there’s easy money politicians are close behind.
One argument politicians the media and those opposed to anything commercial have is they blame businesses for being greedy. If a bookkeeper steals a million dollars from his or her employer to buy Lotto tickets, that’s greed. If a politician takes a bribe to influence legislation that’s greed, If a company is successful and makes a profit that’s not greed as it’s generally understood. If Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama write books that sell well earning them multi-million of dollars and don’t share equally with the ghost writers who actually wrote the books that’s greed. If companies earn profits and shares them with the stockholders or reinvest creating more jobs that’s not greed. When politicians accept more political contributions than they spend and keep the excess for themselves that’s greed. Greed is in the eye of the person making the charge or the person defending against the charge. Unfortunately the public usually accepts the negative explanation.

The art of liberal politics is to keep the public in a constant state of fear and hate. Politicians are able to do this by creating situations that are half true and totally fabricated then enlisting the assistance of the media to get the lies out to the public. This week’s big lie is that billions of dollars handed out to a bunch of losers is going to generate an economic recovery. Politicians have a way of taking silk purses and making them into sow’s ears. There’s one undisputable fact governments are not producers they have no way of creating wealth. This countries economy survives on the sale of goods and services with out those sales nothing gets paid, not labor not sustenance and certainly not government. It’s been a fact in this country for the past four centuries those who study and work hard are entitled to earn from their efforts, those who expect to be taken care of by others, not so much. According to the Wall Street Journal only about 10 % of the stimulus package will
go to actually crating jobs, and those jobs are at least a year out before they’ll be available. Congress is pissed at the lenders for not continuing the same irresponsible lending practices that sunk Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. [ It’s Barney Frank Economics.]

The republican congress has failed their party members by not standing up to the shift by democrats to liberalism,
Those who see evil and do nothing are as guilty as the wrong doers. This nation was built and has prospered like no other country in history all because we were free of the excess of government. Barack Obama is bringing the old European Monarchies and their policies back to America, this isn’t what freedom means. The two party political system was designed to create a balance of power that no one man or no party would have ultimate power over the government. The Republican Party leaders are letting us down and need to be replaced.

The bail out and stimulus are the most irresponsible proposals any congress ever made, they’re socialism pure and simple. Congress has no constructional authority to finance private industry when they’re in trouble, that’s what bankruptcy courts were established for. Traditionally the government has never deliberately invested in commercial ventures, for two centuries the government has refrained from competing with the public. Now the government owns a third of two thirds of the domestic auto industry and only God know how much real-estate. Nearly every one of the founding fathers and most ex-presidents warned of the excesses of a government run a-muck. Most new presidents are unaware of the internal workings of congress, few ever come directly from congress to the oval office. After one term of four years they learn constitutional rules are tucked away some where in the back rooms of the Capital Building. The current congress is starting the 111th session with the largest number
of members under federal investigation in the history of congress. This will not stand, in two years when the nations is buried in debt and the economy hasn’t improved our democratic friends will be submitting applications to Walmart for jobs as greeters.

The time has come to reel in the excesses of congress, since they can’t be reeducated it’s time to replace them with a citizen candidates and not a professional congress. It’s time to demand a congress with limits on their service.

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