Military and Diplomatic Crisis on the Horizon For President Obama

By: Lance Winslow

Well, North Korea now tells us they have 5-plutonium nuclear weapons, after they promised to stop making them. Russia is certainly pushing their will in our Western Hemisphere and Venezuela has stepped up the rhetoric. Even Al Qaeda states President Obama is a hypocrite and other various things I am banned from saying online.

Iran seems to be undeterred now, thanks to the World Media weakening the US Superpower political status. There are way too many centrifuges spinning and they have Chinese and Russian technology. You cannot make a deal with Iran, they are untrustworthy, any deal you make is only for show and BS in reality. It’s the nature of their style of things. Trust but verify doesn’t work because, they lie for fun, it’s part of their way of doing business.

Looks like Russia is having fun playing around with the Iranian/US showdown in trade for removing the concept of a missile defense shield and they have been trying to play games showing force around the globe; Cuba, Venezuela, etc. And NATO seems to be very weak lately with coming together on things.

Personally, I believe that we need the bases in Iraq and we need that Oil too. Iraq is a strategic place on the map – I’d say anyone who has ever played the board game RISK sees that? Of course, the game is still in play around the world and many of our not so close allies appear to willing to run President Obama through the paces to see what he is made of.

So, the time for speeches is over, it’s time for President Obama to show the world, because many are unconvinced. Think on this.

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