How About Those Dammed Lying Statistics

By: Ken Hughes

WORST the new buzz word and it’s all backed up by some obscure statistics no one seems to question and if they did probably couldn’t be proven. No one seems to care about the other end of the equation, if there‘s 10% of the work force unemployed then there must be 90 % of the work force who have jobs. To look at positive things that go on around us doesn’t seem to matter to most people, the reactions of the public are conditioned by the doom and gloom that’s feed to them on a daily bases. The media is the real culprit in this practice of deception, they alter the news to what they think will excite the public regardless how deceptive it is. Second on the long list of those deceiving the public are the politicians who are elected to look after the needs of the nation. Elected officials were never intended to improve the life styles of the nation, such improvements were supposed to come from citizens. Nor was it intended the government care for those who fell through the cracks, I recall in the 1930’s the efforts the average citizen went to in assisting those who were in need, it wasn’t the efforts of government that got the poor through the great depression it was the charity of Mr. and Mrs. America and their churches. President Roosevelt’s New Deal turned out to be a raw deal for those who couldn’t dance to the piper’s tunes, which amounted to anyone not politically connected. Its obvious today bailout is a repeat of the FDR raw deal.

THE QUESTION IS do we have a black president or do we have a president who happens to be black? In the natural progression of things it was inevitable a black man or woman would one day be elected president, I would have preferred Harold Ford, the question is why this black man? He has no notable accomplishments he can put forward, he isn’t particularly bright and he certainly doesn’t have a grasp on what America is all about. Barack Obama’s views of America are distorted by his convoluted childhood, first as a Nigerian American then as an Indonesian American. Berry Obama didn’t become an African American until he moved to Chicago and took on the title of [Ward Flunky] at the behest of his new father in law a black Ward Capitan in the Daily Machine. Berry Obama knew from his African and Indonesian family affiliations violence wasn’t the way to achieve his political goals. He knew he would have to create a majestic persona his opponent would fear to challenge, that of a new Modern Messiah. What the hell it worked once why not twice. A time comes when the rubber hits the road and talk no longer suffices, a time when action is demanded. So far there hasn’t been much of Obama in what he claims to have done in his first days most of it has been meetings and enacting old rejected legislation.

REVIEWING BLACK HISROTY is one of those distortions historians seem to over look. Black history in America didn’t begin in 1965. It began with Pedro Alonzo Nino [black] who was one of those who navigated Christopher Columbus voyage across the ocean to what was then known as the new world. To say Nino was the first person of color in the new world is an assumption no one should make, Portugal and southern Spain had been occupied by the Moors for over 600 years prior to Columbus’s voyage to the Americas. It stands to reason many of the ships crew would have been black or mulatto. This of course isn’t by any means the only accomplishments of blacks prior to 1965. The archive of the paten office is litters with the accomplishments of black inventors. The heroics of black soldiers going back to the revolutionary war are documented in military history. The first patriot to be killed by the British at the 1770 Boston Massacre was a black man. If blacks were made aware of their ancestor’s contribution to America and its progress over the years would they feel they’d been totally left out instead they are continually feed a diet of bull sh*t by their black pastors / leader meant to lower their self esteem which in turn extends to their pocketbooks. Slavery has been made to define all of black history and that of course is totally false, for an example a black foot was one of the first on the North Pole. As was indicated in the Obama inauguration slaves didn’t build the Whitehouse, Washington was northern territory and no slave labor was used in constructing government buildings, more liberal bull sh*t. These modern black voices aren’t lying they’ve never been taught the facts and therefore are totally ignorant of any real black history.

WHAT CAN OBAMA DO to raise the esteem of the black community and make them productive members of the community, what can he do in Washington he couldn’t do in Chicago? Its obvious 40 years of free housing, free food, free medical and subsidized education hasn’t worked. What’s left short of infusing accountability into their brains by means of electrodes? Sorry forcing accountability on to anyone would amount to a violation of their constitutional rights, except that’s not in the construction. Obama’s problems will be he’s concentrating on past issues that have been rejected by public opinion and over looking the real problems the country faces. I was willing to give Obama the benefit hoping at least some of his campaign promises were real. In his inaugural speech of doom and gloom when he attacked President Bush and the American people laying a cornerstone for failure it became obvious to me Obama is just one more political opportunist without any credibility.

OBAMA WILL DO NOTHING except talk and blame others when things aren’t going his way. Let’s pray Obama doesn’t end up like the first [pseudo] black President Bill Clinton, a convicted felon. If the Chicago Obama is an example of what to expect don’t get your hopes up. As for Obama doing anything to improve the lives of the American people forget it, we’ll be lucky to survive four year of himself. One of the things the public should have learned about Obama since he won the nomination is he’s only about half smart, He can read a speech and deliver it as though he were a robot, in short jerks and pauses, coming form the hip so to speak he’s a total failure. All this really proves we have a manufactured president and we don’t know who the manufacture is. Trust me within four years the nuts will part from the blots and the robot Obama will fall in a heap on the Oval Office floor waiting for some poor janitor to come clean him up. His loyal backers will have moved on, “Fame is
a fleeting thing at best.”

As a pundit I can be critical of Obama, as a president he doesn’t have the privilege of accusing others for what he hasn’t a clue about other than what he’s seen on MSNBC. If what we’ve seen of Obama in these past few days is an example sit back and relax the best may have just passed us by and we didn’t even notice it.

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