Rajendrasinh Makwana – This Guy Needs An Investigative Enema!

By: Michael John McCrae

In case you missed the very short AP report entitled: “Feds allege plot to destroy Fannie Mae data”, it might be wise to question a few things.

It seems a fellow named Rajendrasinh Makwana plotted to destroy all the computer data contained in the database of Fannie Mae.

You might recall it was the Democratic enforced and over sighted lending practices of Fannie Mae that caused the economic meltdown experienced in September 2008. You might also recall that merely two months prior to the economic destruction of the American economy Democrat Barney Frank stopped any possible investigation by claiming Fannie Mae solvent and without problems. Of course, Barney’s claim was a lie and his good buddy Franklin Raines scooted from flailing and failing Fannie with his personal bonus of $100 million; some of which probably ended up in Mr. Frank’s reelection campaign coffers.

We should insist on a thorough investigation of Mr. Rajendrasinh Makwana. We should find out how many times Mr. Makwana spoke with Democrat Congressman and Senators. We should know if Mr. Makwana traded his job for a larger bank account balance or if he was truly and simply a disgruntled employee taking vengeance for his loss of employment. Given the penchant of Democrats to never tell the truth about anything involving Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac it is my personal opinion that Mr. Makwana was singled out to assist Mr. Frank in covering up his complicity in America’s economic downturn.

I am glad that Mr. Makwana’s “plot” was found out and stopped.

Now, should another disgruntled, fired employee attempt the same computer mischief we might see the pattern and actually be able to nail the democrats unwilling to admit the truth?

I would like to know too if Mr. Makwana is a citizen of the United States. The report described him only as a “35-year-old…of Glen Allen, VA.” But with a name like Rajendrasinh Makwana and the given fact he was a “contract” worker it is possible he is from some foreign land usurping a job that could have been handled by a real American.

We should expect all of that to come out in the trial though. If Mr. Makwana is an American he’ll be afforded all the same legal protections Barney Frank would enjoy had Mr. Frank rightfully been indicted for his economic incompetence.

Yet, with only “…one count of computer intrusion.” Being leveled against Mr. Makwana he will probably be permitted to pay a fine and return to society to seek “contract” work for the Obama Administration.

Now this column probably falls into the category of “conspiracy theory”, but again, I have come to mistrust any story given me about dealing within Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. The democrats managed to blame all the current economic misery on their republican rivals with the aid of their liberally controlled media outlets. The amount of lying this episode involves rivals that of the now historic Soviet Union’s government lying about the continued prosperity of consecutive five-year plans.

It is now more critical than ever to start a serious investigation into the causes of America’s economic failure. The economy was alive and producing jobs throughout the first five years of the Bush Administration. This was never discussed by the mainstream media; which preferred to harp any and all stories that could show the economy unproductive. It was not until the control of Congress reverted completely to Democrats that America’s economy collapsed. That was cheered by democrats who used a failure they created to promote bigger government intrusion into the private sector, larger tax increases and their current ham and bacon infested so-called “stimulus” package.

Is there any connection between Rajendrasinh Makwana and the democrats who benefitted from Fannie and Freddy campaign contributions? If the top three money recipients had been anyone other than Chris (Countrywide) Dodd, Barack Hussein Obama and Barney (bordello in my basement?) Frank; I believe we would already have the answers.

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