Finally! Hope and Change!

By: Eddie Clements

There is hope, and change on the way! No, I’m not talking about the Gospel, though it is involved. Three events occurred this past week of January 23-30, 2009 lending rays of sunshine to relieve the darkness.

One, President Barack Obama attacks private citizen Rush Limbaugh by name, saying the enormously successful radio show host should be ignored. Next, Republicans voted in a block in The House of Representatives against a misleading and dangerous piece of legislation. Last, Michael Steele was voted Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Hallelujah!

So much good news, so little space to write of it; gotta go in reverse order of the above.

Michael Steele unfortunately failed in his bid for a Maryland Senate seat, but has come back strong. A journalist will probably give a good account of what happened in his elevation to the RNC Chairmanship, and why; I can only guess. That guess would be that a power struggle ensued over the Party’s future direction, and something was said like “McCain and the moderates had their shot, conservatives supported him as well as they could, and he lost to a deeply flawed candidate. If he wouldn’t fight Obama, called him honorable, attacked his own party, spoke softly to Democrats, compromised away President Bush’s judicial appointments, refused to get ahead of his opponent on tax cuts, proposed ill-advised mortgages be bought, why should Americans think he will be their advocate? Moderates wanted McCain, it failed, so let conservatives lead; conservative-lite won’t work.”

Steele may have been a palatable conservative choice for moderates. He certainly presents himself well, sounds straightforward and logical, and never seems eager to compromise principle. Add to that the effect of having an African-American as RNC Chairman and you have a responder to Obama’s policy proposals on whom the race card can’t be played. Overtrump to your trump card, Democrats.

The stimulus package had more pork than Maurice’s Barbecue. Talk about not passing the smell test … Republicans did the freedom-loving people of America a great service in denying rubber-stamp approval to a high-smelling and low-down pile of legislative excrement. Pelosi’s bill needs serious overhaul, to understate the case. Calling this bill economic stimulus is like calling Michael Jackson a regular guy.

Kudos to Eric Cantor, R-Va. for his fine job of keeping Republicans in line on the vote ( However, the bill passed, but regardless of the final outcome, this is a statement that can’t be ignored. Though it was spun as “risky” in the article above, many across the country will regard this as a principled stand against waste, fraud, and abuse. The vote should have some effect on the Senate’s treatment of the bill. Some kind of bill will pass, but Republicans need to hold firm on principle and not roll over for Democrats.

As for the first item … somewhat despondent over our nation’s fate due to Obama’s election, I hoped God would intervene in some way to ameliorate the impact of that awful event, for the sake of our country. The Lord takes actions He deems appropriate in His time; we know them when we see them. Until then one can feel truly powerless, like the feeling whatever is said to persuade the opposition falls on deaf ears. That was truly the case. Obama supporters wanted no dissent, and the press cooperated in that.
The recent ham-handed effort by the President to marginalize Limbaugh was at first met with a sense of doom and dire peril for our erstwhile airwave hero. It is no small thing to be criticized by name by a powerful politician. Limbaugh reacted as one who has become familiar with El Rushbo might expect: this is an opportunity. Brilliantly labeling Obama’s program as the War on Prosperity, counting layoffs as casualties in the War, and soundly backing up his rhetoric with background saying all along it is Obama’s POLICIES he criticizes and wants to fail, Limbaugh turned the tables on the would-be messiah.

Thus the thought came to me that Rush, who usually begins his show with “talent on loan from God”, must be one of God’s instruments in this war of good versus evil. The Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Romans says in 12:6-8, in part, “Having gifts that differ according to the grace given us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith; if service, in our serving; he who teaches, in his teaching; he who exhorts, in his exhortation; …” (Revised Standard Version).

Rush undeniably has gifts, and they ruffle liberal feathers. He uses the golden EIB microphone as a rod to flay his oppressors with the truth. Liberals were moved to place an advertisement on television decrying Rush’s words, “I want him to fail”, without providing context, as evidence of … well, what? The suggestion was that anyone who says anything negative about the new President should be ostracized. They would have had more credibility had they shown President Bush normal courtesy, instead of childish, deranged rage.

Rush is, in the end, a host of a radio program; one voice in the chorus. He has no power to grant or withhold, nothing to offer but influence by the power of ideas and faith in the Almighty. He has energy and imagination. His success depends on listeners. Whether one listens depends on the degree to which one can relate by common experience or agreement. In their turn, his many listeners act and speak to others, influencing them. With 800 stations strong across the nation and three hours of power, his one voice can sway millions, and does.

Conservative true believers like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Ann Coulter are to be insulted, marginalized, and/or ignored. They are “against America”. No, sir, they and those like them ARE America. When Obama assaults Rush, he assaults us all. And who is all? Those who believe in God, family, country, and doing what is right. Those who believe rights are earned, not tokens to be granted. Those who accept adversity, and use their own devices to apply a remedy, not look for someone to punish for suffering it. Those who love liberty, and recognize liberty is preserved by taking responsibility, not running from it. Those who hold dear their property, knowing that property is their corner of the Earth on which they must eke out survival for themselves and their families, and must be defended by the owner with a gun when necessary, if proper authorities are not available to do so, and they are not always. Those who realize there is an Almighty outside themselves Who provides a proper guide for living and treating others that some set of bureaucrats in government can never hope to match. Those who know there is Someone we can believe in, the true Messiah, not a false one.

Divide and conquer, Caesar’s ancient dictum, is busily being expertly applied to America by Democrats. They have gained power and influence, wealth and fame by setting Americans one against another. It is time, Buckley-like, to stand athwart history, again, and say STOP! You cannot have all that we have worked for, be it material, spiritual, or emotional, and dole it back out to us in pittances, on your terms.

Our nation is blessed among nations. Obviously my belief is Christian, like many others, but all beliefs, even lack of it, is tolerated without violence in America. There is no doubt in my mind this nation has been chartered to spread the Gospel and set an example for the world to follow, a light that can’t be extinguished. To prove that, we must stand firm in our faith, trust in God, have courage and patience, but do what is within our power to preserve the good and derail the forces of evil. In doing these things, Rush provides a positive example to follow; may the Lord bless and keep him!

Eddie Clements

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