Should the US Move to Neutralize Iran?

By: Lance Winslow

Many historians and military strategists in Europe, Israel, and the US warn that the time is coming where action is the only answer to stop the centrifuges from spinning in the underground nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities in Iran. Why? Because Iran supports terrorist organizations which covertly serve its will thru proxy.

But can a successful pre-emption be completed? Some say that Iran is doable, the targets are known, the questionable targets are suspected and we know that the first strike must include deleting every Iranian Navy Vessel and the bases near the choke point Straight of Hormuz.

They say that the US Navy may as well have a massive battle to show its worth and let’s test out our net-centric abilities. They want to shut that place down like can of sardines as well as CNN and Al Jazeera being perhaps put on the first strike list. Just do it they say, it’s not like we haven’t been over this with a 1,000 scenarios.

Indeed they suggest putting a call into Putin, 30-seconds before first bomb and explain we expect them to stand-down, then call the Chinese, and let them know what’s up. If Syria launches, shoot down every unit that hits the sky and warn them they are next, if they resist. In essence they say to strike a massive overwhelming blow. Use the whole track.

Those who want to take action ask; “Why is this a problem?” and point to philosophical military arguments. They say that if we wait for coalition approval, it will never happen. They remind us that Karl von Clausewitz warned those who fail to pre-empt when their enemy is planning to attack do so at the expense of their people. In this case some major city in Europe or a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv.

That’s what comes next they say, if action does not occur and everyone knows it too, and they are probably right. Besides if we wait they add – Iran, will just fortify deeper and Russians will make ultimatums and the Syrians have a war pact and the Chinese keep selling them high-tech weapons.

Those who call for immediate action tell us that we sure are not acting like a Super Power, allowing the World Media to diminish us, only causes us to prove it when push comes to shove and political impasse occurs and it will if they think you are weak. Interesting debate yes?

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