What It Means To Be An Immigrant

By: Ken Hughes

White non Native America isn’t a tribal society, it’s a nation of immigrants going back to the days of the pilgrims and the fur traders. That’s become a disputable fact according to some PC historians they would have us believe any one of a second and third generation is grandfathered in as being 100 % American. Many of my Native American friends don’t see it that way. My Shoshone brother Big Red claims he owns Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills. Some of his cousins have gone to war with the white eyes over aborted treaties, as usual Indians 0 White Eyes 100 %. It proves the old adage “Those with the most guns make the rules”.

To me the definition of who is and who isn’t an American is simple, anyone who’s completed the legal process to attain citizenship qualified as an American citizen, that includes citizenship by birth. I have the privilege of knowing immigrants from every region of the world, and yes I do hear all the old stereotyped descriptions of them. Such as the Irish are drunks they are also Priest, Mayors and Cops. The Orientals “Don’t speak no good English” according to some of our more literate deprived citizens. I could go on but I think we’ve all heard the stereotypes attached to illegal immigrants. There’s no end to what those who don’t know think they know. It’s very simple if illegal immigrants are bleeding the welfare system dry, turn off the facet. Presidents Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower had the courage to deport millions of illegal immigrants during their respective administrations. We’ll have to wait and see if Obama has the courage to do likewise.

I received the following e-mail from one of my immigrant brothers I would like to share. Conor is a Painting Contractor who employees from five to fifteen painters in the busy season, he refuses to hire anyone without citizenship or a green card. That applies to Middle Eastern Russian the Balkans Oriental’s and even the Irish, any ethnic groups who paint. Conor came from Belfast Ireland at the height of the IRA / British conflict

Dear Ken

Arriving here from Belfast N. Ireland in early March 1994 I was both filled with excitement and trepidation of what lay ahead of me in my new home the greatest country in the world the United States of America. I soon found that being an Irish catholic was for the first time in my life an asset instead of something that would be held against me. Also with the help of doing a hard days work I found that anything was possible in this great land of the United and FREE [and I don't use the word FREE lightly, having lived under British rule all my life].

So now having lived here for almost fifteen years the feelings of trepidation are now returning to me. This time it is not about my survival in this great country but the overall survival of this great country, yes you heard me. The United States is under constant attack from the religious zealots [remember 9/11] from oil rich country’s [gas at $4 per gallon] to the illegal immigrants flowing over our borders from Mexico on a daily basis. I do believe we are winning against the Zealots and over time the use of oil here in the U.S. will be reduced. So that leaves the problem of illegal immigration.

We all know that the world economy is in ruins and most likely we have not seen the worst as of yet. So how can we stand by and watch Joe the plumber loose his job and his home as Jose the illegal goes out to work each day and sends the majority of his income back to Mexico. WAKE UP TO YOURSELVES AMERICA. Send ALL illegal immigrants home forthwith. It has been done before most notably in 1954 with President Eisenhower and operation Wetback when an estimated 4 million illegal immigrants where sent packing. If this is not done now and with the rising unemployment of both American citizens and legal aliens I have no doubt that we will be heading down the road to wreck and ruin. People will start treating illegal immigrants with open hostility. Look at your history books and what happened in Germany during the great depression. A new German leader arose blaming all his country’s problems and fears on the Jewish community and we all know how that ended.

So I ask all right minded people to come together and put an end to this madness and once and for all make our politicians put into effect a policy that ends this problem. If anyone out there has any ideas how to further this challenge I would love to hear from them.

I was born Irish, I will die American.

Regards: Conor Caughey USA

There isn’t much I can add to Conor’s deClaration of loyalty to his adopted country. I know many immigrants from many countries most are in this country legally, to the man they express the same loyalty as Conor, because someone speaks with an accent doesn’t define them as a person.

If you care to respond e-mail ken-hughes@concast.net

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