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February 6, 2009

The Decline and Fall of Obama-Mania

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Howls of protest and anguish from those who voted for Barack Obama are starting to pierce a hole in that media-created bubble of naive hope and fairy tale thinking, commonly known as Obamamania.

Daily Kos, Factcheck and Snopes or How to Vet a Presidential Candidate

Even though the main stream media ignores the Obama birth certificate controversy it still rages on the internet in articles and blogs. Is it extraneous nonsense, conspiracy claptrap and internet hype. Not by a long shot. Here’s why.

Rooting for Helen Thomas!

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Helen Thomas of the White House press corps is a staple of American politics. She also sports a face and voice that only a mother could truly love.

Provided said mum happened to be both blind and deaf!

Rule of Law: Obama Must Deport His Aunt

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The national organization, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, is filing an arrest request with Immigration and Customs Enforcement today and issuing a public demand for President Obama to honor his rhetoric about the Rule of Law by deporting his aunt …

Imprisoned Spy, Son Indicted for Acting as Russian Agents and Money Laundering

A federal indictment was unsealed on Friday in U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon charging Harold James Nicholson, 58, of Sheridan, Oregon, and Nathaniel James Nicholson, 24, of Eugene, Oregon, with two counts of Conspiracy, one count of …

Mexican Government Admits What Many in U.S. Refuse to Accept: English-Proficiency Is Vital!

Far too many Hispanics in America have refused to learn English, preferring instead to retain their “cultural identify” by speaking and writing only Spanish.

As a result, American taxpayers have been forced (by irresponsible leftist bureaucrats) to spend hundreds of millions …

Yes, Rush, I hope Obama Fails, too

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Ever since President Obama (PBUH) dropped Rush Limbaugh’s name recently, the talk-show host has figured prominently in the news. And now he is being attacked by the mainstream press – and truly odious entities such as MoveOn.borg – for …

It’s About The Change Yet Lobbyists and Tax Cheats Abound in New Administration

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From the early days of his campaign, Obama made with the flourish that, should he be elected, lobbyists would not be welcome in his new tone Washington, his Washington of change and hope. Soon after the election, Obama’s spokesman John …