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February 7, 2009

To Hell With Trillion Dollar Stimulus: Just Force Democrats to Pay Their Taxes!

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As the Obama experiment continues to fall apart, one tax cheat at a time, the American people continue to wait patiently for answers to the worst economic crisis since the great Depression.

There Are 608 CEO’s In New Jersey The Need Their Salaries Capped!

I read today that President Barack Hussein Obama wants to cap the salaries of all CEO’s whose organizations are accepting Federal Money under the corporate bailout plans adopted under the so-called “economic stimulus”. His idea is that no corporate leader …

Another “F” for Obama: Performance Czar a Tax Cheat!

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Yet another Obama nominee is in deep dodo because of tax issues.

As reported at Breitbart, in part:

Sarah Palin Is Moving Up In Washington Society

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Two hundred of Washington’s elitist attend a dinner each year, only the crème de la crème of Washington society are invited to attend. Each year a special guest is honored with an invitation, for reasons unknown to the public …

CHANGE in the Way Americans Pay (Not!) Taxes!

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So, you just ran your 2008 numbers through Turbo-Tax and discovered a brutal truth: There is a huge gap between what you owe in taxes and what you have available to send Timothy Gaithner at Treasury.

Paper Editor Alters Column To Say Writer is ‘Bitter Conservative’ That ‘Can’t Wish US Well’

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This is why newspapers deserve to be buried in the dust bin of history, at least unless they clean up their act. For well over 20 years a southwest suburban Chicago newspaper called The Reporter has employed a columnist …

Real Greed On Display

The liberal talking point goes something like this; “Conservatives are ‘greedy’ because they don’t want to pay taxes to help out people that we liberals decide are less fortunate and worthy of help.” It is a good little talking …

Social Security Bailout Bill

Well, that is what I call it. Based on current chatter in congress, it appears they are amassing troops to attack retirement plans, 401(k)s, IRA’s Keogh plans – anything saved for retirement is now in jeopardy.

Here is the problem.