Sarah Palin Is Moving Up In Washington Society

By: Ken Hughes

Two hundred of Washington’s elitist attend a dinner each year, only the crème de la crème of Washington society are invited to attend. Each year a special guest is honored with an invitation, for reasons unknown to the public this year there were two honored guests President Barack Obama and Governor Sarah Palin. President Obama was the scheduled speaker. Sarah Palin said she accepted her invitation because she thought it might be her only opportunity to meet the new president. Governor Palin was careful not to upstage President Obama The Alfalfa Club dinner is probably the most prestigious event held out side the Whitehouse each year. It’s a black tie event most people wouldn’t feel comfortable at and others would kill for an invitation, which brings up the question why was Sarah Palin invited when 49 other governors weren’t? Is it perhaps the movers and shakers who see something in this lady from the wilds of Alaska the democratic faithful don’t see?

There are a number of grass roots draft Sarah Palin movements, most aren’t anything endorsed by Sarah Palin. If and when she decides to run for president it will be because she knows it’s her time. No one has ever been influenced by unsolicited movements to run for president. Having been through the process of taking on a corrupt political system Sarah Palin knows the challenges and the responsibilities of reaching for the stars. She isn’t the typical politician she actually has the voters interests in mind. This is something that makes her dangerous to her opposition she has the ability to reach the people. She also knows taking on the US congress isn’t like taking on the Alaskan congress. There are no Nancy Pelosi’s, Barney Franks or Chuck Schumer’s in Alaska. Alaskan Democrats don’t have the resources of destruction the DNC and Move On .Org has to plant stories create allegations and generally do a blitz to destroy a person’s reputation. Palin is tough these allegations are like water on a duck it rolls off and the duck keeps on smiling.

If Sarah Palin is planning a run for president she has the foresight of Nostradamus. She was invited to the Washington meeting of the Republican Party leadership and declined, instead accepting an invitation to the exclusive Alfalfa Dinner. Palin obviously knows the best way to avoid the sharks is not to wade in the pool with them. In Washington Politics the normal progression is to fight like hell, when the elections over everyone kisses makes up and starts a new fight for another day. One of the surest signs of a rising star is the consistency a person appears in the national media. Sarah Palin hasn’t missed a week since the election, to show her broad appeal I spent the early hours New Years Eve watching her being interviewed on CNC Canadian Television. Sarah Palin has a unique talent missing in most national politicians she’s truly a nice person. When allegations are made she’s quick to confirm or deny depending on which is true. She’s never been caught covering up anything when scurrilous allegation where made she either ignored them or discredited them and moved on. All her attackers had to go on were manufactured allegations her record as an executive couldn’t be challenged.

Sarah Palin isn’t inclined to ask for my advice if she were I would suggest she team up in the number two slot with either Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee and run in 2012. There’s no question the job of president will be up for grabs by then. By the year 2020 she will be seasoned enough to lead this country back to its proper position in international affaires.

The new conservative movement seems to be ignoring the traditional haggling with democrats and is moving forward in a strategically calculating manor. Democratic politics has always been that of the slash and burn verity without regard for truth or consequences, it is more evident in congress men like Charley Rangel and Chris Dodd who for years avoided paying all their taxes. Now half of Obama’s cabinet selections seem to have avoided paying their fair share of taxes or other infractions of the law. This is not some of the perks afforded congress forgiveness should not circumvent the law especially for elected officials. Palin, Romney and Huckabee are wise to avoid any direct contact with the Washingtonians. Political corruption is like a virus that spreads through the community without regard to political affiliation. In the case of liberal democrats corruption and misdirection, [lying] are passed down through generations of political inbreeding. It seems to be contagious because it’s infected the entire congress.

There are indications an effort outside Washington is coming together to reestablish the return to Reagan Conservatism. Mike Huckabee leads the moderate side with his weekly TV show on Fox Cable. Sarah Palin either by accident or deliberately has been the steady focus of the media since the election. Rush Limbaugh keeps Obama in a constant denial mode. Other Talk Show hosts steadily and methodically challenge every decision democrats make. Three of Obama’s personal picks to head agencies have fallen on their tax returns and burned. After signing legislation baring lobbyists from serving in his administration six have been given special dispensation to serve. It’s this kind of convoluted honesty that’s beginning to make the public question if the Angel Obama has wings.

How can the public trust an administration that’s void of any sound principles. As the weeks turn to months and the months turn to years the Obama mystique will disappear in a sea of broken promises and failed policy. Then like the Phoenix new conservatives such as Palin, Huckabee and Romney will rise up from the ashes and bring America back to the thing that’s protected it for more than 230 years, The Constitution of The United States.

Americans fight for freedom they don’t surrender it. When the burden of government becomes to heavy the thrust for freedom kicks in and it’s back to square one for all Americans, united we win

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