To Hell With Trillion Dollar Stimulus: Just Force Democrats to Pay Their Taxes!

By: John Lillpop

As the Obama experiment continues to fall apart, one tax cheat at a time, the American people continue to wait patiently for answers to the worst economic crisis since the great Depression.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and other misguided leftists want to waste a trillion dollars on pet liberal projects that America does not need nor want.

In much the same way that liberals exploit children, so it is that they are using the wretched economy as a ploy for fighting STDs, fund abortions, and other nonsense not even remotely related to the creation of jobs.

However, the recent spate of failed Obama nominations has revealed a viable way to solve our economic mess without wasting taxpayer money: Simply force Democrats to pay their damn taxes!

Get it, Nancy? America don’t need no stinkin’ stimulus!

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