Defrocking Camelot, One Tax Cheat at a Time

By: John Lillpop

Two weeks ago, Barack Obama gladly accepted the torch of Camelot passed down by John F. Kennedy. Since then, he has dropped the torch several times and disgraced the memory of Camelot, making any comparison to JFK silly and irreverent.

Two weeks ago, Barack Obama had Republicans backed against a wall and all but defeated. Today, Senate Republicans, lead by Mitch McConnell (R-KY), are demanding CHANGE to the outrageous spending orgy masked as a job stimulus by the majority Democrats. Today, Obama is listening.

Two weeks ago, much of the world assumed that Barack Obama was far too intelligent and blessed to make a mistake. Today, the world knows of at least three tax cheats that Obama tried to place into important cabinet posts, two of whom have since had the decency to withdraw, and a third whom had the audacity and arrogance to continue, with Obama’s blessings.

Two weeks ago, Barack Obama was hailed as a technological wunderkid, the man who ended the reign of the boomer generation with his knowledge and use of Blackberry units, the Internet, and all manners of high tech gadgets. Today, the world knows that Obama is incapable of using the most simple, low-tech vetting tools to screen out tax cheats.

Two weeks ago, Barack Obama was seen as a beacon of hope for CHANGE in American society and throughout the world. Today, the world understands that the greatest need for CHANGE is in the Oval Office and the man in charge there.

Two weeks ago, the world believed that an inexperienced community organizer with charisma was just what the world needed. Today, the world realizes that being clean and articulate is not even close to being good enough!

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