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February 10, 2009

Amazing Disgrace

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February 5, 2009, is a day that may live long in infamy. President Barack Obama has just given a speech before House Democrats meeting at a retreat in Virginia. The location is ironic, given the number of Founding Fathers who …

The Proliferation Security Initiative

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Missile defense is undoubtedly an important part of a comprehensive approach to reducing national security threats against the homeland from weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and ballistic missiles. However, while missile defense undermines an adversary’s confidence of successfully launching a …

The Man the Left Wants Hanged for Tax Cheating

Tax troubles were all the rage for certain folks recently. ABC News screamed in a headline about one fellow that was, “America’s Overnight Sensation… Owes $1,200 in Taxes.” Huffintgon Post was all up in arms over the …

Homeland Security Secretary Retracts I-9 Changes to ID Illegal Aliens

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A new I-9 Form was scheduled to take effect on Monday, but in a surprise move, Secretary Janet Napolitano the new Secretary of Homeland Security retracted the mandatory changes late on Friday, pending further comment and review; businesses that …

Understanding The Constitution

The first seven articles of the constitution are designed to limit the power of government and those managing the government. Without limiting the ingenuity of those serving in government, the constitution clearly sets guidelines that are not to be crossed. …

ANOTHER Obama Stinker: How Do You Say “Tax Cheat” in Spanish?

Filed under: Politics In General,Taxes & Taxation - 10 Feb 2009

If President Obama had just taken his own advise and learned Spanish, as he urged American parents to do, perhaps this latest kerfuffel could have been avoided.

The Incredible Shrinking Cabinet—Or Is It Expanding

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As Dick Morris has pointed out in a recent article, the State Department, under Hillary Clinton, appears to be shrinking in authority and responsibility.

Susan Rice, the new United Nations ambassador, “insisted upon and got Cabinet rank for her portfolio.”

New FCC Regulations Threaten Catholic Radio

Filed under: First Amendment - 10 Feb 2009

As reported recently in the National Catholic Register, a new version of the so-called Fairness Doctrine is threatening Catholic radio. Under the new Obama administration, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will begin applying “localism” regulations to radio station licenses. Steve …

King Barack

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Not everyone agrees that to spend a trillion dollars we don’t have is such a good idea, especially when no one really seems to know precisely where the money will be going. Some think that it more reasonable to allow …