King Barack

By: Christopher M. Barra

Not everyone agrees that to spend a trillion dollars we don’t have is such a good idea, especially when no one really seems to know precisely where the money will be going. Some think that it more reasonable to allow the legislature time to actually read the entire bill before voting.

Frustrated and angry, the President has been aggravated by what he considers to be unnecessary delays. He seems upset that his will has not been immediately done without question.

There are procedural issues to which a President must comply. There are two other branches of government equally as important to whom he must answer. Criticism, sometimes just, sometimes not, also comes with the job. A President has to explain himself, or as his predecessor before him, he will be Busherized.

He mocked those who question the ability of this legislation to accomplish its goals. He implied his critics lacked a grasp of basic economic principals when he stated that “government spending IS stimulus”.

If massive government borrowing and spending is indeed stimulus, and it doesn’t really matter where it is spent, then why stop at just a trillion? Why not 100 trillion? Taxpayers want specific answers.

Barrack Obama will have an easier time dealing with Congress, the Senate and the increasingly more inquisitive media when he comes to the realization that he was elected President of the United States, not “King Barrack The First”.

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