The Incredible Shrinking Cabinet—Or Is It Expanding

By: Brooks A. Mick

As Dick Morris has pointed out in a recent article, the State Department, under Hillary Clinton, appears to be shrinking in authority and responsibility.

Susan Rice, the new United Nations ambassador, “insisted upon and got Cabinet rank for her portfolio.” Richard Holbrooke, overseeing Afghanistan and Pakistan, insisted upon direct access to the president rather than reporting through the Secretary of State. George Mitchell is “the pointman on Arab-Israeli issues.” Samantha Powers, who once called Hillary a monster, has been appointed to the National Security Council, headed by General James L. Jones, who has just announced an expansion of that agency’s powers. Even Joe Biden, touring Afghanistan recently, appears determined to avoid irrelevance and to overshadow Hillary in the foreign affairs department.

And then there is the strange case of Judd Gregg, a defector from the Republican Senate ranks who was enticed to take over as Commerce Secretary, but who immediately found his boss planning to hijack his authority to conduct and oversee the census, said authority to be given to Rahm Emanuel, the Chief of Staff.

It is evident that the appointments to the cabinet positions, hailed as bipartisan and intelligent by the media and even some Republican pundits and pols, was all smokescreen, smoke and mirrors, designed to appear moderate and bipartisan, while the true power and authority and responsibility for governing is devolving deliberately to much more far-left radicals. The pretense is that Obama is a centrist. The reality is that he is, as his own speeches and writings and voting records revealed, a quite far-left politician and he’s determined to drag the country in that direction as fast as he can sprint.

If Senator/Secretary Gregg had the cojones and self-esteem, he would tell Obama to stuff the nomination and he would return to the Senate and be part of the loyal opposition to the harmful policies of the Obama Administration. If he had the cojones…

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