Understanding The Constitution

By: Ken Hughes

The first seven articles of the constitution are designed to limit the power of government and those managing the government. Without limiting the ingenuity of those serving in government, the constitution clearly sets guidelines that are not to be crossed. Accumulatively the founding fathers may have been the most intelligent group of man this country or the world has ever known. In a matter of two decades they were able to formulate a new untried form of government by the people that would last for more than two hundred years. A nation that men and women actually risk their lives to become part of and to defend, America has become the beacon of hope for the world’s oppressed. America is truly the land of opportunity for all, if they choose to take advantage of its many blessings.

The first seven articles of the constitution are set in stone they can only be altered by an act of congress and approved by a majority of fifty state legislatures. The whole concept of a constitution was to prevent a single individual or a group of persons saying “I / we are changing the way America works”. America is more than the presidency and congress it’s a way of life for more than three hundred million people. The constitution was created for the benefit of producer’s men and women willing to perform hard work for long hours not for the non-achievers and the under-achievers of society. The constitution gives everyman an equal right to be the master of his own destiny. If this hasn’t always been the case it’s been man who failed not the constitution.

Americans are the freest people on this earth, they’re the wealthiest in the lifestyle their privileged to enjoy. As Americas neighbors look over the fence they constantly look for holes to slip through. Because Americans are so blessed many often don’t recognize what they’re avoiding simply by being Americans and spend their time bitching and complaining why things can’t be better with less effort. Ask many American citizens what they’ve done today to make America a better place and you’ll get a blank look in return questioning what the hell is this person talking about? Most Americans have long ago forgotten freedom isn’t a gift it’s a job, its hard work that never ends. Americans fought and died for freedom from day one, they’ve never surrendered to obtain freedom nor will they ever.

As a nation we’ve become complacent in our patriotism and understanding of the functions of government. We are willing to elect a congress and let them legislate as they see fit rather than consulting with their constituents. Citizenship is something to be nurtured and treasured, not something to be taken for granted. The average immigrant applying for citizenship knows more about our constitution than most high school seniors. This is a sad commentary to be placed on the value of citizenship in the freest nation is the world.

In 1770 when British rule of the colonies became so oppressive it was intolerable the hushed whisper cries for
freedom began to spread, first in Boston then on to Savanna Georgia, The colonists were willing to pay taxes to Briton if they could be treated like Englishmen they resented the status of second class citizens. There’s a clear danger 1770 may be coming around again with our own government. The current bailout is about as close to taxation without representation as it gets. King George spent and colonists paid there was no meeting of the minds, The original pilgrims advanced from colonials on to become proud independent colonists, they were not about to take a step back to become second class citizens of a foreign ruler.

The spirit of the American people from the beginning has been of independence and self-reliance. For centuries Americans relied on the constitution like a goose feather comforter protecting them from the cold, now they’re finding their own congress has stolen the comforter and are replacing it with a polyester sheet. The warn feeling of protection is no longer there our beloved constitution is disintegrating amendment by amendment. There’s no question in perusing the pleasures of life the American people haven’t been as diligent as they should have in safeguarding their liberties, they haven’t taught the responsibilities of citizenship to future generations as they should have. Presidents, congress persons and bureaucrats are like any house pets without proper training and supervision they become uncontrollable and take over the house.

There is nothing more inspiring than to see a group of men and women in the uniform of this great country standing with their right hands up reciting the oath of citizenship swearing to defend and protect the constitution.
A country they are fighting for and are just now becoming officially part of……..Ho-Raaa !

The time has come for every citizen to demand an accounting and not accept the Kool-Aid their being given. The time is now when congress consults with the real leaders of this great nation, “We the People”. The time has come for the real leaders of this country stand and be counted as patriots demanding a return to the Constitution and its warm fuzzy feelings of protection and get rid of the polyester and the Kool-Aid.

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