Congressional Budget Office Gives Thumbs Down

By: Ken Hughes

The congressional budget office is giving Obama’s stimulus package thumbs down stating in the long run it will harm the economy more than help it. Even Joe Biden the Vice President has some serious concerns of what it will do to democrats in the 2010 congressional elections. Only Obama and Pelosi are convinced it’s the right thing to do. The European Union and Canada are threatening trade sanction if the bill is passed as is. One senator speaking on the floor of the senate pointed out the bill is 7 % stimulus and 93 % pork spending this message is something that hasn’t eluded the media. Nancy Pelosi has warned democrats they must support the bill as written or suffer the consequences, big talk coming from such a small package.

All sorts of scams are beginning to surface. I received an e-mail suggesting I could qualify for a 7 thousand dollar check in seven days by simply contacting the sender. At first I was sure it came from my congressman but decided even he couldn’t pull that one off.

Barack Obama is off to a very shaky start and no amount of bravado is going to make it any smoother for him. Obama was lead into a room filled with hornets and they don’t really care he’s the new Messiah he’s going to get stung until he gets it figured out. It’s not all about what he thinks it about what 300 million Americans think that’s going to count. Barack Obama isn’t the first man to enter the oval office with visions of immortality tattooed in his brain. Obama isn’t the first man to occupy the oval office with a fabricated reputation. The results are usually the same when the puppet masters aren’t there for support the puppets fall apart, which seems to be the case with Obama, his pissed off list is growing. In his campaign he promised to sooth the tyrant dictators of the world now their turning on him. Obama is learning there’s a difference between playing doctor with the neighborhood girls and being a real doctor for the nation.

What America has always been Barack Obama can’t change, this is nothing compared to the FDR depression or the Carter rescission however it could be if this trillion dollar spending frenzy isn’t curbed. Do the math, calculate what a trillion dollars handed out to 300 million citizens would accomplish, especially after they pay the tax. This stimulus package is a disaster in the making. However there is a saving grace, Congress acts with the speed of a rattle snake the bureaucracy moves slow as a turtle, not even the democratic congress can spend a trillion dollars over night. It will take the better part of two years to decide who deserves what by then democrats will be out of both houses of congress back on the bus headed home. Historically when things are going bad in Washington and its mid term when the voters can’t change the president they change the majority of congress. The 2010 mid term elections are going to resemble the night of the long knives without the blood letting.

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your family, tell everyone this stimulus package is a return to the Roosevelt New Deal that in the 1930’s extended this country into it longest ever depression lasting over 10 years. Let your elected representatives know how you feel. You can’t get through to them by contacting them in Washington but you can flood their district offices with phone calls and e-mails that will get their attention. When the folks back home rise up congress sits up and listens. Local contact is more important than all other forms of complaint.

Do it now do it often until congress comes back around representing public interests.

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