Hello? Is Anyone Paying Attention Out There?

By: Michael John McCrae

The priorities of the Obamites lean toward extremist abortion policies, special homosexual “rights”, cutting the defense budget by an initial 10 percent and giving every pork-meister in the Congress his reward for socialist loyalty. Oh! And we must not forget the needs of this new administration to quiet all the contentious voices on the side of conservative values.

The constitutional priority of any president is the defense of the nation. Weakening the American military and making buddy-buddy overtures to Muslim extremists gives that new boldness to Iran to defy United Nations’ resolutions to cease the manufacture of nuclear materials. President Obama has opened himself to be bullied by Iranian tinhorns and Russian militarists. We are going to be friendly toward our enemies even if it kills us! This is simply moronic.

But one can see the priorities of a democrat congress. Pork, ham, bacon and baby-back ribs seem to be the only menu emanating from the halls of the House. The fat-laden bill submitted to the senate was a pile of paper containing the ultimate liberal wish-lists. The senate merely accepted the dead-tree society manifesto and began adding their own pet pork projects to increase the size enough to get RINO’s to agree to sign on in that spirit of (Snow, Collins and that Pennsylvanian Senatorial Doofus) “bipartisanship”.

It might be true that Lindsey Graham and John McCain seemed to stand their ground against the “anti-stimulus”, but for anyone who has been paying attention, is largely the fault of McCain/Graham cave-to-lib idealism that began all this congressional insanity.

It would be worth getting these political pin-heads to get their focus off money and back to our surrounding enemies. There are too many distractions that Iran, Russia and Palestinian terrorism can take advantage of. Our defensive backs are turned and the knives being leveled are sharp. We need someone paying attention. There is no proof at the moment that anyone has our six!

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