Will Ego Break The Bank

By: Ken Hughes

What will giving billons of dollars to failing banks investment firms and insurance companies accomplish? They couldn’t handle their own money. What makes Obama and Congress think they can do better with tax payer’s money. Or is it Obama and congress don’t understand the concept of the exchange of good and services for instruments of trust [i.e. a dollar bill.] After all that’s all money is instruments of trust, there’s nothing tangible backing dollars up. The United States promise of financial stability has been the world’s guarantee the dollar is worth what’s printed on it. For years the US dollar was the international currency of choice used for trade, no more not since congress got involved in creating bogus lending companies to advance their political agendas. Words of wisdom for Obama and congress, there are none so blind as those who refuse to recognize their own failings.

There’s a small cadre of ego maniacal hardheads running congress, Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives and Harry Reid in the Senate that are leaders of this group comprised of less than 10% of all of congress the rest are nothing more than window dressing. No where in the constitution is there a super authority granted to a few good old boys and girls, the constitution is explicit in the three powers executive, legislative and judicial and how they are to be divided within branch’s. Barack Obama is gradually learning he’s no Hugo Chives who has absolute authority. Obama has 535 equal but separate individuals who have a say, even though there are the few who lead and intimidated men and women of congress who are far more experienced in the tactics of manipulation than he is. No one person can crack the whip over 2 million bureaucrats and make them do his bidding. The job of president looks simple from the out side it’s easy to believe things can be better when in reality th
e problems facing a president are far to complex for such simple sophomoric solutions. This is a reality Obama faces every day, no one man can determine the wants and needs of a nation of 300 million individual minds and get it right every time.

We must all have faith reality will fall on the American citizenry and they will come charging out of their dull drums in 2010 and 2012 and make the difference so badly needed. “A new breed of congress person, one with the peoples interests at heart”. Wake up America your getting shafted by the current compliment of congress. They’re from the 20th century and we’re living in the 21st century. Replace them all and disinfect the barrel they’ve been hiding in for so long. In 2010 let all voters commit to making a fresh start for America, one based on the peoples wants and needs not the politicians. The constitution can be found on-line in literally hundreds of places, look it up and read it, it takes less than 15 minutes for the slowest reader. If every person in this country over the age of puberty spent 15 minutes three times a week getting involved in the way their government works as apposed to the way it should work congress wouldn’t stand a chance of pulling the wool over the ci
tizen’s eyes.

Family life as we once knew it has deteriorated to a point of nearly no communication, meals are fast food on the go. Communication is done by cell phone and texting. Soon family members will need ID cards to prove a family relationship. This may be the extreme but it’s not all that far from today’s reality, We’ve become a fast paced society running up a hill that never ends, one that gets steeper the further we go. In the rush for the good life we seem to be passing up what really makes the good like, the time to enjoy what’s around us. We’re allowing modern technology to be our minds and bodies. That invisible band of Soothe Sayers called “They” are ruining our lives, they say and we blindly follow. The Media says congress says and we blindly accept it as fact without question, what kind of mice have we become?

America dig deep into your souls and find some of that early pioneer spirit that inspired your ancestors to walk 2000 miles from the Mississippi to the Oregon coast in search of opportunity, that brought other ancestors to Ellis Island and freedom. Ronald Reagan inspired a nation in the depth of despair to rise up and show their patriotism once more. Reagan’s gone but his spirit still lives in us if we just let it out, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Truman and Reagan were men who inspired this nation to greatness, all other presidents were window dressing in comparison, is there another great men in the making? I think there is and I think her name is Sarah Palin. Out of the ashes of the McCain fiasco I think Sarah Palin will rise up like the phoenix to do great things. A great deal has changed since women started zipping their pants up in front rather than on the side. Religion isn’t my thing but a deep belief in Gods intervention when needed is my thing, I trul
y believe God is nudging Sarah Palin along on behalf of the America he / she created as his / her chosen country.

Think about it study your government and its constitution15 minutes a day three times a week and in an election cycle or a very few years America will be yours again for the keeping.

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