We Americans Aren’t That Bad Mr. President

By: Ken Hughes

The president and congress have spent since Mid-November verbally beating up on the American peoples. What kind of president begins his administration by telling his citizens what inconsiderate fools they are? What kind of president tells the citizens they’ve done it all wrong for over 200 years and he’s here to teach them the proper way to run a country. This coming from a man whose only associations to date have been with failed endeavors, most notably the Chicago black community and the Illinois State Legislature.

I would like to point out to our new inexperienced uneducated president what Americans have to be proud of. We have more clean drinking water than any country in the world. We have more clean air to breathe than any country in the world. We have more miles of safe roads to drive on and bridges to cross than any country in the world. We have more hospitals and health care centers per capita than any country in the world. For the past 100 years Americans have been responsible for creating the most modern technology [80%] than any country in the world. That hasn’t happened because our education system is failing its students. Those students who get left behind do so because they’re failing the system. Education starts at home where there’re no homes there’s no hope of education. If the president truly wants to change America he can start by changing the culture in the poor communities, the hoods and the barrios of this country. Give fewer welfare checks and more direction if there’s any true feeling for the plight of the underachievers.

There isn’t a country in the world with as many foreign students attending their universities as America. There are few countries where people risk their lives coming to. The modern electronic technologies that weren’t created here were purchased or pirated from here. Americans not only created computer science they’ve been in the forefront of its development from the beginning. Mr. President don’t you dare disrespect millions of hard working students and hundreds of dedicated teachers by saying our education system is failing. Put the blame where it belongs on government and union interference in the class rooms. Education is not covered in the constitution. However the 10th amendment is clear that government has no authority to take education away from the states and local communities.

Listening to President Barack Obama for the past few weeks we must wonder how America managed for 230 years without him. We should be asking how America will manage the next 4 years with him. President Obama and the 111th congress are leading America into an abyss of financial ruin unless checked. No amount of hand wringing and pacing is going to bring the economy back, it’s going to take investment in the private sector and I don’t mean banks and GM. Small independent entrepreneurs need tax and government relief in order to profit and create jobs. When Barack Obama sold his books profit was not a dirty word so why now Mr. President?

There’s been a mystique of greatness built up around Obama the media has never challenged, there’s nothing in his past that qualifies him as a great leader or even a leader period. Obama isn’t responsible for a single significant accomplishment any one can document. And yet his faithful followers growl when anything about Obama is questioned. I’ve head people actually try to explain his blatant errors as having been misunderstood statements.

I’ve finally arrived at the conclusion the people didn’t elect Democrat Obama they defeated Republican McCain. The republican leadership didn’t seem to pay attention is 2006 and again in 2008, maybe in 2010 we grass roots republicans will get rid of all the old Mustache Pete’s and start over. The message to congress is growing louder each day we can’t afford their benevolence any longer it’s time for people to go back to work, hard work and dedication built the nation not welfare and whining. Its time we all stood up to be the best we can be and do our very best.

Each state has two senators and a number of representatives, contacting them in Washington is an exorcize in futility. Contacting them at their district offices in their home towns sends a very powerful message. Not only will your e-mails letters and phone calls get through they’ll be heard. It isn’t necessary to speak with the representative, all communication is filed documented and consistently reviewed, trust me your message of discontent will get through. Congress reacts to the mood of their communities, the best way to get a congress person’s attention is to consistently and politely but sarcastically complain, congress is allergic to criticism.

In my opinion every person running for public office should be required to pass an examination on the contents of the constitution before they qualify as a candidate.

If every voter spent 15 minutes a day three days a week during the campaign season learning how their government works and how the constitution protects citizens from an over zealous bureaucracy congress wouldn’t be able to pull the wool over our eyes. Give it a try you’ll be surprised what you’ll learn.

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