The Bush Doctrine Will Live–Part 2

By: Brooks A. Mick

My prior Bush Doctrine pieces have pointed out that the Bush Doctrine has had four incarnations and that one of the tenets was that we must spread democracy to oppressive regimes and reform the breeding grounds of terrorism. Though many on the left–and quite a few on the right–do not believe this, and many consider Iraq to be “an unnecessary war,” I propose that President Bush was exactly right.

For example, we first went to Afghanistan, and the terrorists dispersed to other countries, including some training camps in Iraq. President Obama proposes shutting down the Iraq campaign and “focusing on Afghanistan.” Meanwhile, it appears that the terrorists have again pulled a disappearing act and have set up their primary headquarters in Yemen. Terrorists released from Guantanamo have reportedly banded with others to form an al Qaeda cell in Yemen. The Yemeni government has also hatched a plan to release more terrorists from their jails.

Thus, wherever and whenever we “focus our attention” on a specific country, this worldwide, non-national Muslim extremist jihad will simply relocate elsewhere. This is a classic guerrilla tactic, and it is one reason that the Vietnam War was so difficult to conclude–though we were on the verge of obtaining a North Vietnamese surrender when we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and withdrew. The Westmoreland search-and-destroy tactic merely allowed the enemy to resettle elsewhere–and then return to an area once we focused elsewhere.

What one can conclude from this is that President Bush was correct, the ultimate victory in the war against Muslim jihad will be to reform the breeding grounds of terrorism by the reformation of oppressive regimes; i.e., spreading democracy. One can also conclude that this will be a process taking decades, not just a few years.

Thus the Bush Doctrine will live on of necessity even if no one in our government supports it any longer.

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