Mr. Obama Meet The Real Media

By: Ken Hughes

Just when we think the media has caved totally they bounce back with a vengeance. The media seems to be going after President Obama through the back door. His appointments of advisors are being shot down like ducks in hunting season. Transparency and responsibility have gained whole new non-meanings since Obama took office. Obama the mild mannered Superman is beginning to show some cracks in his armor, he’s beginning to take on a domineer of the true Liberal politician, one of criticizing anyone or anything that doesn’t buy into his agenda. One of his most recent comments by President Obama was, ”Get over it I won!” Allow me to point out to Mr. Obama 435 members of the House of Representatives and 33 members of the Senate also won their seats in government. The founding fathers recognized arrogance of power was something that must be controlled that’s why they devised the three separate but equal branches of government. The founders understood some of the people can be corrupted so me of the time but all of the people can’t be corrupted all of the time.

Freedom of the press, [Media] became the second line of defense after the constitution to the excesses of government bureaucrats desire to control everything. Traditionally the media picks its horse in the gate then whips it into first place. Once their horse has won they turn on it and begin to criticize all the stumbles around the track. Obama is beginning to learn the hard lessons of a free press, they are neither to be trusted of befriended. Their hearts are colder and less telling than the Mona Lisa’s smile. The Medias distrust for American politicians is monumental as is the reverse this usually leaves the public not trusting either.

How does the public benefit from the Medias continual digging for facts in political dirt? It’s this continual digging that separates news from government propaganda. What would America be today if those patriots of Boston in 1770 had insisted on a new government the day after the first shot was fired and there had been no media to document the facts? It took ten years for the founding fathers to come up with the government structure that created these United States. It took the media such as it was at the time to tell the story. It’s taken 230 years of negations, compromise and a free press telling the facts for America to get where it is today, the most productive nation on earth. Now we have a president, who certainly doesn’t have the American spirit in his DNA. Obama seems to be a hot head that’s very intolerant of those who don’t agree with him. Obama doesn’t seem to understand disagreements and compromise are the very foundation of our form of government. Presidents do not have the luxury of having total authority where he has the last word, democracy is always compromise.

I recently logged onto the Whitehouse web site [side bar] constitution. I was surprised to read what was written as the parameters of the constitution. There was a less than accurate description of its history and the twenty-seven amendments to the original constitution. No where were the original seven articles listed, the articles that distinctly define the limits and responsibilities of the three separate but equal branches of government. If President Obama doesn’t understand the constitution or the history of this country how does he expect to lead us out of what he’s determined to be the worst day of America? America hasn’t experienced a president preaching this degree of doom and gloom since Jimmy Carter. Aren’t presidents supposed to inspire the nation into doing their very best? The [mythical] Atlas may have held the world on his shoulders Obama is no Atlas, not even close and the world doesn’t need or want one man holding it up or tearing it down.

This nation survived far worse conditions in the past it will survive this blip in the economy as well. It would do much better much faster with some encouragement from Washington rather than a daily diet of despair and negativity. It’s been said “It’s times like this that try men’s soles”. We’re a resilient nation endowed with a pioneer spirit like no nation on this earth past or present. Going as far back in history as the time of Moses when things look their worst a savior always steps forward and leads his / her people to better times. I personally don’t see Obama as that savior. If anything Obama’s socialist policies and lack of understanding what America is and has always been is a cry for the new leader to step up and take charge?

I believe God created America to be a haven of freedom in a world of turmoil, a land where personal ambitions could be realized without fear of retaliation by the gentry. Columbus may have been looking for a fast rout to the Orient but God was directing him to what would become the true promised land for a world of the oppressed. Just as God led the children of Israel out of Egypt God led the discontented to America where they could conquer their frustrations without fear punishment. Many Americans are questioning why some of those permanently implanted Washingtonians are so intent on changing America to something in the nature of Europe socialist society that so many have risked so much for so long escaping?

God will not allow America to become another member of those societies of Europeans, God takes to much pride in his / her work to allow it to be squandered away by a band of nonbelievers for a band of non-achievers. It’s time for the citizens of this great country to stand up and reinstate the constitution the document that makes America the greatest nation on earth. Come on America contact the home offices of your congress person let your voices of discontent ring out.

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