Obama’s Economic Goals

By: Brooks A. Mick

When asked at the press conference Monday night how he would judge if his economic plan was working, the first thing Obama said was that he would judge its success by whether it created or saved 4 million jobs.

Now why would one choose that criterion?

I submit that it was chosen precisely because it is highly unreliable and immeasurable. Various agencies of various governments have admitted, over the years, including just a couple weeks ago in Washington, D.C., that job creation figures are imprecise. A Washington agency recently said that “jobs saved” was completely impossible to tabulate.

Thus Obama chooses, as his main statistic, a figure which cannot be calculated with any precision, and that’s the exact reason he chose it! It is unknowable!

The second datum he chose, “the credit markets,” is to the average citizen an enigma wrapped in a mystery, as the old canard goes. It is also something that cannot be precisely explained or demonstrated to Joe Sixpack sitting at home watching press conferences—assuming Joe Sixpack watches press conferences. Stop a man on the street and ask him if he can tell you if the credit markets are functioning well or not. He’ll only be able to repeat what he heard on the news.

The housing market is a little easier to tabulate, percent loss or growth in new or old home sales, etc, but that’s third on Obama’s list. He probably had to put something into his list that people could actually get some grasp upon.

The final answer, when taken as a whole, is that Obama’s plan will be a success when he (and his media buddies) say it is. But can we trust them? There’s a high percentage of tax cheats in that mix…

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