Our Right to Know

By: Eddie Clements

You have to give the Democrats their due: they have struck the political mother lode in Barack Obama. He is able to convince legions of voters that capitalism and the private sector, which supplies the overwhelming majority of jobs, and all the wealth, is their enemy. At the same time, he has convinced people who believe the same government covering up the existence of aliens is now their honest, diligent savior.

In Obama, liberals have someone who exudes billowing clouds of rhetoric with meanings that can only be fathomed by close attention, a little knowledge of his background beliefs, and a working knowledge of the ideology surrounding anti-capitalism. Throw in a dash of soaring emotional oratory, and impressionable crowds already enamored with Democrat demagoguery swoon with adoration.

At the risk of beating a dead horse to a pulp, the media is to blame for the current situation. They supported the smooth talker and refused objective analysis of him and other candidates. Yes, it all sounds so conservative, doesn’t it? Blaming the helpless media who are just doing their sworn duty – wishing Obama to succeed, shaping public opinion, and faithfully reporting the status of the Obama family puppy question. Instead of being guardians of freedom, the press is now guardian of what is operationally despotism.

What about the public’s RIGHT to know? We never hear this lofty sounding phrase any more. It was all the rage during Vietnam, Watergate, Irangate, Gulf War I. Alas, those were the years of icky Republican rule. Yeah, well, except for Lyndon Johnson who we really didn’t like anyway. He was as shifty as a Republican, except for that War on Poverty thing. Speaking of which, how is that going? Is everybody rich yet? Aren’t all our problems solved? Aren’t we all ed-oo-kated? Do you feel lifted up yet, like LBJ said he wanted “fellow Americans” to be? Where are the media reports on the War on Poverty’s progress?

But I digress. Beginning in 2008 and going forward, the mainstream media went under the knife. That’s right, they altered their appearance radically to resemble Democrat campaign operatives. Gone is the pretension to objectivity, they are now officially the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. The MSM are now cheerleaders for demagoguery. In the supposed Age of Information, the MSM refused to supply any. Like, where is Barack Obama’s birth certificate? Of course, the election is over. An adverse finding would damage Obama’s legitimacy to the office and produce a Constitutional problem. So, now the Constitution is important, but not so if the Fairness Doctrine is enforced to stop free speech. Too bad the press wasn’t concerned about CBS’ pursuit of President Bush’s National Guard record to the point of inventing information to cripple his Presidency. Do we have a right to know about such things?

And what about this ex-terrorist William Ayers? Does he still hate the U.S., as his statements on September 11, 2001 indicate? Are you sure he’s an EX-terrorist? What will his influence be with Obama now? What is Obama’s connection with impeached Governor Rod Blagojevich? What does ACORN do, besides harass bank presidents to offer loans to unqualified home buyers? How do Obama’s values and beliefs from his readings and life influences shape his policy choices as President? Do we have the right to know?
Ah, questions, questions, on the minds of today’s youth…and everybody else with more than half a wit. And it continues. Why was “Joe the Plumber” given the Al Capone tax-cheat treatment, while Timothy Geithner assumes leadership of the IRS without hardly a question? From all indications, Geithner can’t navigate through the labyrinthine problems of how to dole out free money. Wasn’t he supposed to be a genius, or is he just a Democrat puppet? Why does Obama show a propensity to choose tax cheats as his closest advisors, in view of the fact that taxes are a primary concern of Americans, who suffer greatly when they unknowingly pay less than their tax burdens as interpreted by bureaucrats? Why does the Obama administration exhibit so many contradictory positions, like “no lobbyists” who are granted waivers? How many presidential appointments have gone to lobbyists? Why does a supposed Christian Obama desire a number-two at the Justice Department who represented pornography interests? Why do Democrats feel such an urgent need for the so-called Fairness Doctrine? Do they believe in freedom of speech or not? Why are liberal talk programs on the radio unsuccessful? Do we have a right to know?

What about medical provisions in the current stimulus bill? Will everyone receive whatever medical procedures are needed to keep them alive? Will doctors’ pay be determined by the lawyers in Congress? Will jobs created by the bill offset the jobs lost in other industries, like the aircraft industry due to discouraging ownership of corporate jets? Where will laid-off workers in the aircraft industry find jobs? Congress wants car companies to lay off middle managers and reduce their pay. What pay cuts will be forced on union members? If not, doesn’t that violate the liberal talking point of fairness? Is “alternative energy research” really viable, or just a way to create government jobs? If successful at finding alternatives, won’t oil company workers then be out of work? How will this impact other oil related businesses, such as wholesalers and gasoline sellers? Do we have the right to know?

Why does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi need a private jet, when corporations are not supposed to have them? Doesn’t this create an impression of imperial politicians? President Obama has called for sacrifices. Will Congress set an example by lowering their pay or perks? Is there any interest in reducing the number of lawsuits or legal awards? Is there any interest in reworking unfunded mandates to states, so citizens’ tax burdens can be reduced? Why are tax increases so popular among liberals and Democrats, but so resisted by everyone else? Do we have a right to know?

Why does President Obama want to put coal-burning power plants out of business, when they supply over half of our electricity? Why are environmentalists’ motives never examined when they place insignificant animals on the endangered species list to prevent delivery of benefits like food, water, and electricity to humans? Do we have a right to know?

Why does the free press not investigate any of these things and more? Is the public’s right to know any longer a concern of the press, or not? Or does the press really believe that the government of the people, by the people, and for the people is now a government of Democrats, by the press, and for the party faithful? If so, how is that different from NAZI Germany?

We deserve an answer, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, et. al. Either justify your privileged status or face attack by a public wanting the truth.

Eddie Clements

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