Stimulus Bill is Just Socialist Power Grab

By: Craig Chamberlain

You would have thought, given the abject failure of the Great Society, and the imminent collapse of the New Deal, that the people of this country, and the leaders in Washington would have learned their lesson by now. While it might sound noble to use the government to take care of people it just doesn’t work. And while the rhetoric might be noble the motives rarely are. For all their squawking about wanting to fix the economic crisis(which is not the worst since the great depression) and put people back to work, their real motive is to put people under the control of the Democratic party.

The Great Society entrenched welfare making millions of people dependent on the government. What was the result? Families broke down. After all why would a father stick around when the government can take his place? These families never got out of poverty, they were given just enough to let them survive. After all, the Democrats feared(rightly) that when a person got off welfare they would lose political power. The Democratic party, wants- no- it needs to turn Americans into serfs. Forever dependent upon the government to get buy, their welfare wrapped up in the Democratic party staying in power, a permanent underclass forever dependent on them, an underclass that will never challenge them.

But it was an abject failure. The statist policies of the Great Society didn’t lift a single person out of poverty just as the New Deal didn’t do a thing to end the Great Depression. FDR’s New Deal was cosmetic, like putting a bandage on a cancer patient. It made people think things were getting better, it put some people back to work, mostly doing menial jobs, but the unemployment rate was never below 15%, and it wasn’t until World War Two that American industry was able to hire workers and end the depression. The Great Society left millions in poverty and never gave them an incentive to get out. If they tried to make a little money they were threatened with loss of benefits, have to keep the serfs on the manor you know. Whole families were enslaved to welfare for generations, it wasn’t until the reform of welfare under President Clinton(President Obama has done the impossible. He’s made President Clinton look like a moderate responsible leader) that this cycle of poverty was ended.

Now, President Obama wants to go beyond even the Great Society in his statist goals. Let’s be honest, he’ll get his way, and within two years we’ll be indistinguishable from Sweden. All of the talk about job creation, is just talk. FDR tried it in the 1930′s, and wasn’t able to put that many Americans to work. The Japanese tried it in the 1990′s and paving over everything that could be paved over didn’t fix their economic problems. It will be years before these programs puts anyone to work(probably about the time the one kicks off his reelection bid), after all in order to build anything in this country there are miles of red tape to go through. Environmental regulations, labor regulations, the inevitable challenges in court, and the inconvenient fact that construction projects won’t employ that many people.

So here we are, again. The era of big government is back. And it’s back in a big way. Besides massive new entitlements that this country can’t afford, Keynesian economics that just don’t work, we have universal healthcare. That’s right the government will soon be in charge of your health care. The same government that can’t deliver the mail on time, is soon going to be determining which doctors you can see, what medicines you can take, or if you get to see a doctor or take medicines at all.

But wait, there’s more. The billions in wasteful spending, the pork and the earmarks that the President insists isn’t in the bill will only waste billions of more taxpayer dollars. How is the government going to pay for all these goodies? They don’t know. All they know is that they are just going to keep printing money, trillions of dollars, to make this work. So not only will the welfare culture of laziness, dependence and fraud be back in a big way, not only will some bureaucrat in Washington be deciding if you can see your doctor or take your pills, your money is about to become worthless.

Printing money leads to nothing but inflation, and a lot of it. In the aftermath of World War One the Germans, in an attempt to pay off their debt, just decided to print money until they had enough to pay it off. This in turn made their money worthless around the world, prices skyrocketed, usually rising by the hour until it took a wheel barrel full of money to buy one loaf of bread. Now, most likely, it’s not going to get the bad in America but the value of the Dollar is going to fall a lot more, and your paycheck won’t go as far. But don’t worry soon you can go on welfare for the rest of your life and have the government take care of you.

So we’re all about to become serfs to the Democratic party which is doing its level best to insure that they have a monopoly on power for decades to come. The voters of America made this bed, they’re going to have to lie in it.

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