Senator Judd Rejects Camelot: Stunning Win for “Chattering Class”

By: John Lillpop

When the new first broke that Senator Judd Gregg had withdrawn his name from consideration as commerce secretary nominee, my first reaction was that Obama’s web of Corruption had corrupted its first Republican victim.

Alas, my reaction was way off. As it turns out, Senator Gregg withdrew because he finally realized that the Obama stimulus stinker and the proposed hijacking of the 2010 census by the White House are antithetical to the best interests of the American people.

Unlike other cabinet nominees, all Democrats, who “withdrew” because of cheating on their taxes or other alleged criminal acts, Senator Gregg stepped back from the precipice of power because of principle, integrity, and selfless dedication to doing what is best for America.

As reported in the Washington Post, in part:

“New Hampshire Republican Sen. Judd Gregg has withdrawn his name from consideration as President Obama’s commerce secretary, a major blow to an administration seeking to put a series of Cabinet problems behind it.

‘It became clear to me to me that it would be very difficult day in and day out to serve in this Cabinet,’ Gregg said in a press conference late Thursday. He added that in the days since he was nominated he realized that to be ‘part of a team but not 100 percent with the team’ was an untenable position.

“In his written statement, Gregg cited recent developments regarding the economic stimulus package and the decision to have the next census director report directly to senior White House officials as evidence that he and President Obama were too different ideologically for the pairing to work. ‘This was simply a bridge too far for me,” Gregg said of his decision.’”

Boiled down to simple terms that even Senator Charles Schumer would understand, Senator Gregg went eyeball to eyeball with the truth and, when the dust had settled, the “Chattering Class” had scored a major upset win.

God Bless Senator Gregg for the courage of his convictions and for making personal gain secondary to the national interest.

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