Principled Refusal

By: Eddie Clements

So why did Senator Judd Gregg, Republican-New Hampshire, decide to withdraw from consideration with the Obama administration? We will never know the private conversations, but it is interesting to speculate two things: the Senator’s motives, and the mainstream press reaction, or unreaction, to the withdrawal.

The first is easy, the second revealing. Had there been a scandal, like, say, e-mails to a same-sex page, the press would have been all a-twitter with glee over yet another Republican involved in unbecoming misconduct. To the mendacious MSM mind, mischief like the e-mails that did in Representative Mark Foley are shouted out as typical Republican hypocrisy. Even worse misconduct by Democrats, party of the American apartheid, is not only forgiven but rejoiced. An example is Representative Gerry Studds’ disgraceful long-standing homosexual child molestation of a page, which Democrats applauded on the House floor. Not even remotely similar and far less serious misconduct by Republicans results in headlines blaring out false claims of widespread depravity among conservatives in general, and Republicans in particular.

But talking about that made me think…Barney Frank, who ran a male prostitution ring out of his house, and child molester Gerry Studds … what is it with Massachusetts voters and gay Representatives? And can’t they just be gay and NOT break the law, as lawmakers? And gay marriage? Is the gay thing a reaction to the Puritans? Anyway…

With Gregg, there is no associated scandal. Indeed, he refused nomination to the post of Commerce Secretary on principle, which he implied during the press conference announcing the decision. Where was the headline saying…no, wait…please allow me to be the reporter, print or broadcast.

Headline: “Senator takes principled stand against widespread corruption in the Obama administration!”

“Today a new kind of politician was unveiled in the new administration of President Barack Obama. Republican Senator Judd Gregg has just withdrawn from consideration to a cabinet post due to philosophical differences with the administration, which has been riddled with cabinet and other nominations by flagrant lawbreakers. According to Press Secretary Robert ‘Baghdad Bob’ Gibbs, ‘We thought for about, oh, ten minutes, we had a nominee who actually could live up to the administration’s ethics policy, but it was not to be.’ Unlike the seemingly endless parade of Democrat lobbyists, ethics violators, and tax cheats who the incoming administration promised not to employ, but has, Gregg is a man who refused to compromise his principles in an administration many are beginning to see as challenged with consistency between its statements and its actions…”

Now that’s the kind of story we would like to see! Not bloody likely. Such an admission would reveal the MSM’s duplicity and the administration’s dishonesty. Further and even more damaging, it would glaringly contrast one Republican’s adherence to principle against Democrat Obama’s complete and utter lack of it. Remember, Obama’s issue is fairness, not principle. Capital gains taxes must be raised (for those who actually receive capital gains) in fairness to those who have no capital gains on which to raise taxes. If principles were allowed, people would keep more of what they earn, not less. If principles were the concern, the stimulus bill H.R.1, 2009, would look very different. Principles would require illegal aliens to go home, not stay here in violation of the law, which no one must be above, unless you apply for a position in the Obama administration or be elected to Congress.

The MSM must continue to be their cheerleader in the face of obvious errors in judgment and Constitutional delinquency by the administration, because the MSM made him, and won’t set the table for failure of the first black presidency. Sorry; second black presidency. The first was Bill Clinton’s, where failure was an option because it ended in his impeachment for being convicted of lying. Clinton’s disgrace was so complete the MSM felt compelled in February, 2009, to report liar Clinton’s exercise of his right of free speech encouraging removal of that right from truthful talk radio hosts. CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC have abandoned all connection with their duty under the Constitution and will continue to serve as the propaganda arm of Democrats, like the role of the old Soviet TASS to the administration’s Politburo.

Perhaps another reason they won’t write such a story is because the MSM doesn’t recognize true integrity, faithfulness to principle and deeply held belief when they see them. These are qualities of character members of the MSM have left behind, preferring an incestuous relationship with the politicians they cover that allows them to retain status and privilege. Thus a disingenuous Andrea Mitchell at NBC can claim, without questioning about the relationship, objective reporting on political activities while married to Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman. Perhaps they are so used to the likes of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Ted Kennedy, “Speed” Reid and San Fran Nan that they have completely lost sight of what principles, or even knowledge, are. Did they question Pelosi’s competence over her moribund statement that abortion money should be supplied to states, reducing population and thus welfare costs? That she doesn’t know that there are not five hundred million people in the U.S. to lose jobs? That possibly her inability to count is how H.R. 1 got so large?

Objective reporting and examination of such questions would betray the MSM’s devotion to the liberal agenda, which is their agenda. They don’t realize they are not supposed to have one, other than loyalty to truth. Reporting the news and offering opinion have merged into one and the same; reports are written with built-in bias. Relevant or inconvenient facts are omitted, as are countervailing opinion, a la’ NBC. As Bernie Goldberg has said, it is not even conscious, it’s who they are. The question becomes, how to counter it. This will take some thought and effort, and I wish I could offer an easy and doable solution, but don’t have one – yet.

As for the easy part – why Gregg withdrew – no mystery there. He realized who and what this was. As the party that has historically maintained the fight against Communism, the GOP knows ‘em when they see’s ‘em. While unlikely Senator Gregg would publically make that accusation, it is highly likely he was dissatisfied with the blatant political power grab by the administration regarding the report on the census count. Further, we could speculate that he refused to be their puppet who could be held up as an example of bipartisanship, but not accorded any real influence. Charles Krauthammer put it most succinctly, on Fox News All-Stars. He said there is an aquarium in the Commerce Department’s entranceway. With the most important duty to that Department being the census, which would go to the White House, Gregg’s most pressing responsibility would be reduced to feeding the fish. OK, so the bipartisanship thing was Krauthammer’s too. The Communist thing is mine, OK? But you probably knew that already.

Seriously, good for Senator Gregg! We need about twenty more like him in the Senate – starting with replacements for Specter, Collins, and Snowe.

Eddie Clements

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