We Don’t Need No Stinking Fairness Doctrine

By: Ken Hughes

It’s time everyone who stumbles around a key board expressing his / her opinion pay attention to what congress is up to. They want to create a new fairness doctrine literally silencing the right of free expression. It supposedly will be aimed at conservative talk radio rest assured if they can go that far next in their sights is the internet. My friends this 111th congress has gone stark raving mad with power. Usually I avoid the “conspirator behind every bush” theory but frankly I’m scared as I can be. If Obama has the opportunity to appoint one super liberal judge to the Supreme Court we as a free people can kiss our liberties goodbye. Once the voices of reason have been silenced Liberalism is free to do what it likes. We the people can no longer leave it solely to the Rush Limbaugh’s of conservative talk radio to fight the battle for restoration of a constitutional government we must also get involved. For years the excuses have been “One voice can’t make a difference” one voice time’s one million voices joined in protest makes all the difference in the world. One voice time’s thousands brought down the Iron Curtain and ended the Vietnam War.

Getting the attention of congress and the executive branch by contacting them in their Washington fortress isn’t possible. Every politician must come home to periodically let the folks know they’re still around, and that my friends is where they’re the most vulnerable to criticism. Every senator and representative has an office and staff in their home districts, each of the political parties has offices in their counties. By flooding these district offices with phone calls, letters, e-mails letters and to local news papers radio and TV stations can and will penetrate the wall of privilege that protects them in Washington. Back home is where the votes are counted stir up that hornets nest and the politicians will come running to regain their foothold. There’s one code of conduct for politicians in Washington and another back home, voter complacency is a politicians best friend, voter discontent scares the pants off of them.

It was never intended government should micro manage every segment of American society. Prior to 1776 not even the British did that. America was born with a spirit so the individual could flourish and prosper without government intervention. Some of the first complaints of the new American citizens were their new government assuming the right to spend money at all. The general feeling was we don’t need no stinking government. It’s been a long rocky road from the gaining of independence in 1776 to the assumption of total dependency on government in year 2009. The time has come to cut back on government interference into public lives.

The last amendment [XXVII] to the constitution was ratified 17 years ago in 1992, to no ones surprise it dealt with deregulating congressional compensation. For more than two decades congress and the executive branch have side stepped the constitution circumventing every citizens rights. For the past half century the majority of the time the presidency has been in the hands of republicans while congress has been the domain of democrats, This is the first time democrats have had the majority in both branches and both houses of government. That much power at one time has driven them crazy, it’s as though the entire congress were taking Viagra. The time has come when only the citizenry [voters] can reign in the excesses of an entire government. Politicians campaign on promises of changing Washington again and again and again. Next election when your representatives come begging for your vote listen carefully and try and recall if this message is any different from his / her last? Paraphrasing John Kennedy “Ask not what they will do but rather what they have done.”

Congress blaming others for the ills of the country started with blaming John Adams the second president. From the beginning it’s been a practice of congress to use blame, corrosion and deception to further their agendas. There’s no doubt this is in the DNA of our political system, the founding fathers knew debate was the best way to slow the process of legislation making sure it was done right. That seems to be something lost on the 111th congress. There’s never been a time in the history of this country when a bill of such magnitude as the current stimulus bill was passed by congress without being read by someone somewhere sometime. Now congress would like to silence those who are pointing this out to the nation. The first amendment to the constitution gives the right too every citizen to speak freely and openly on any subject. In some countries voicing criticism of political leaders is considered treason, in America it’s considered patriotic.

Americans have become so accustomed to living free they don’t believe anything will change, they don’t believe anyone would want to change the way we live free of government abuses. Only two things are keeping this nation free, the constitution and the voting booth upset either and it’s back to the days of King George. There are extremists among both liberals and conservatives who preach the end is near. It’s time to tune those people out and look closely at your own circumstances and decide if you’re where you could be with less government in your lives or if your dependent on government for where you are. Ask your selves just how much government regulation in your lives is too much. In my opinion less is better!

Until 2010 we are stuck with the congress we elected, that doesn’t mean we can’t use that time to learn about the congress we deserve. It doesn’t mean we can’t use that time to influence our friends and neighbored to help improve congress. After all we are the first government of the people, by the people and for the people….. it’s time to send a message we’re returning to those days. Free speech doesn’t need to be regulated it needs to be encouraged.

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