Come the Revolution!

By: Eddie Clements

Well, Senate Majority Leader Harry “Speed” Reid is the conductor, announcing the train has left the station; the stimulus bill is passed. “All abooooard! Get your tickets ready for Haveadime, Artsville, Acornton, Porkroad, and KOOK-a-mungaaaa!” We might as well get on board. No refunds, if it don’t get there, we’re stranded.

During the Vietnam era, the average college student could go somewhere on campus to find a small gathering listening intently to a charismatic dissident speaker. “Rise up, and overthrow the bosses! The fat cat bosses, they’re keeping you down! The bosses, they ride in limousines, while you lucky if you can afford any car! While you eat cereal, the bosses, they eat peaches and cream! Come the revolution, won’t beee no more bosses! Come the revolution, won’t beee no limousines! Come the revolution, won’t beee no more peaches and cream!”
The above sounds disturbingly close to any Obama campaign speech, which he continues to offer after becoming President. Well, one thing for sure: won’t beee no more good stuff. The part about the bosses is wrong, though. There are more than ever, and the number will grow exponentially when government expands. All you manufacturing businessmen know what I mean.

May we assert the premise that the current political-economic struggle is about imposing a vision of artificial equality on all Americans which will serve as a model for the world? Such a model might pave the way to one-world government, with resources equally shared according to the means in each current nation-state by which those means can be converted to useful ends, and end produce of those resources can be distributed according to needs of the individual, family, or group.

Good luck with that, if enforced by command markets centrally controlled. Where would central control be vested, the United Nations? So the Secretary General of the U.N. will ultimately influence milk prices in Ottawa and Bangkok? Policy on downloads for your I-Pod in Pumpkintown and Sao Paulo? Gasoline prices in Minsk and Marseille? Central planning will decide with objective measures who drives a car and who rides a bicycle?

Price and availability decisions are currently being attempted – by capitalism. Unfortunately, free-market supply and demand distorted by Congressional interference has interwoven commerce among nations such that financial crisis in American banks affects banks the world over. The U.S. financial system coughed up blood, and the world got pneumonia.

May we advance the novel idea that free markets continue to be applied and regulatory imperatives be pulled back? Increasing regulations will lead to further distortions in the financial sector, robbing it of profits which, in turn, become business loans. This is where growth and the ability to create new jobs occurs. Even China and Russia are getting on board with capitalism while we are pulling back.

Obama believes he can tap into the pot of gold that is Americans’ wealth and income and just redistribute it. That is what he said on camera for all to hear. Who is he kidding, the voters or himself? When government passes laws confiscating earned income, behavior changes. Barackonomics either ignores this, denying behavioral change, or recognizes it, planning passage of new law to compensate. The stimulus bill may be a start to that.

Why no credit, no money to lend? Credit tightening is a response to uncertainty. There is plenty of cash to lend, but payback is uncertain. Lenders make money extending loans, not holding the money. So, if they held the cash instead of loaning it out, they made no profit. No profit, no taxable income (or less profit, less taxable income; that’s the point.) This process of credit tightening began in about, oh, ten minutes or less after the Treasury Department started the brouhaha. The free market responds quickly to information.

When markets think they won’t make the same profits, i.e.; conditions change, their behavior responds accordingly. Look at the Dow-Jones Industrial Average; sell-offs due to uncertainty. The point is if wealth is taxed more, wealth seeks lower-tax alternatives, and the ultimate alternative is to withhold investment. The net result is lower wealth creation overall. The wealth Obama and his socialist allies saw has been created by low-tax “failed economic policies”.

With a Democrat Congress, there are no checks on the Chief Executive’s wish list, which includes wealth redistribution. Obama said it himself! Lower wealth creation won’t supply enough tax revenues to enact redistribution schemes. How to get more money into the Treasury, if increasing tax rates doesn’t work? The planned revolution, which Obama calls “change”, will begin to come to fruition when the government must seize assets to accumulate federal wealth for redistribution.

How to seize assets, which can’t be seized without due process of law? Just pass a law. Everyone becomes subject to an asset value statement; “failure to comply may result in penalties including fines, imprisonment, or both.” This language comes straight out of letters to suspected violators of regulations of one kind or another. I know because I wrote some myself, on behalf of the government agency I worked for. The wealthy will be subject to asset seizure. No? The perfect excuse has been presented by Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden: a crisis is imminent that will test the Obama administration. Rather than downplaying this, Senator Obama, Presidential candidate, affirmed that new administrations are tested, and his will be no exception.

The key here is Democrat majorities in Congress. With the gerrymandered districting, permanent Democrat incumbency seems a foregone conclusion for as long as they live. With a liberal-socialist media, as long as The Big Three control the airwaves, there is no end in sight, unless we enforce some kind of “change we can believe in”. Now that would be a stroke of irony!

We can only succeed by word-of-mouth, the most powerful concept in advertising. But that is also the ancient preferred method of communicating; it was good enough to spread the Gospels. Speaking of which, the single most important issue now is whether Americans retain their freedoms under the Constitution, especially freedom of religion. This is the last large activist Christian nation on Earth that is capable of widely broadcasting the Gospel. An Obama/socialist regime may crush this capability with all means available. Barack Obama attended a church in Chicago that does not exhibit the qualities of Christianity I am familiar with, beyond mouthing some of the same words. His overtures to Muslims suggest he believes in alternative interpretations.

We didn’t come here from The Old World, sacrifice blood and brethren to make this a land of plenty, to be done in by non-believers. We’ll just have to tough it out, set our faces, and convert the faithless. That’s a revolution!

Eddie Clements

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