Get-R-Done, Then………..Wait

By: Ken Hughes

Congress passed the stimulus bill so fast no one had an opportunity to read the more than one thousand pages. Passing this legislation before Valentines Day was critical for the welfare of the nation according to President Obama. Congress busted their asses even to the point of lying to the public to “Get-R-Done” for the boss. I can’t recall any bill this important ever being rammed through the legislative procedure this fast. According to Obama If these billons weren’t doled out to the loan sharks and used car salesmen America would surely become a second Atlantis and sink into the oceans. The continental congress was filled with gifted orators who were quick to recognizing others skills of manipulation. It took ten years for the founders to agree on a form of government for the new nation not ten days. According to President Obama’s schedule the stimulus package was the first step in tearing apart what the founding fathers created then reassembling it in the image of the Messiahs plan. Or was it he just wanted to show congress his power? I often wonder where this man came from and what he’s doing in our midst.

What was the rush, Obama knew he was slipping off on a three days romantics interlude with a hot chick [his wife] before he put the pressure on congress to “Get-R-Done”. Obama seems to be in a hurry to disassemble what has taken over 200 years to put together. In my opinion neither congress nor the American people are paying close enough attention to what this man is up to. It’s time congress backed off and read the legislative bills before passing them. A warning to congress Obama has 4 years and 8 years at best, you boys and girls have a lifetime in government, don’t be fooled by a slick snake oil salesmen, “Get-R-Done” belongs on TV comedy shows not in congress.

The following isn’t an important fact it can even be considered a snide comment, one I can’t resist. Both Barack and Michelle were photographed carrying doggy bags out of the upscale Chicago Restaurant after their secluded Valentines Day dinner. [Source Photo: New York] is that ghetto or what?

I can see it now in four years Lincoln will be chiseled out from his chair in the Lincoln Memorial and an image of Barack Obama will replace him. We can only assume [hope and pray] Obama will have the good taste not to compare himself to Jesus Christ next Easter Sunday, on the other hand it may be poetic justice if he were nailed to the cross, [figuratively speaking of course.] Words no matter how poorly delivered can incite the masses when it’s what the masses want to hear. I think most scholars will agree aside from tone and enthusiasm Obama isn’t a gifted speaker. He seems to be one of those politicians who are intent on becoming an elder statesman before his time. Time knowledge experiences and seasoning create elder statesman not paid publicity hounds and media hype.

In less than a decade three massive catastrophic recovery efforts costing billions have been launched, The Indonesian Tsunami, Katrina Hurricane and the earthquakes in Pakistan / India. To date there’s never been an accounting of any of the money spent on rebuilding or relocating the victims. Some will say that wasn’t Obama but it was Obama, wasting money is in the DNA of politicians and Obama is the quintessential politician. President Obama was able to get his giveaway legislation approved in record time and he’s walking on the clouds. When this stimulus legislation falls apart and everyone is looking for someone to blame it will still be Obama’s folly, congress will have totally dissociated them selves from any blame. I see shadows of George Bush on the horizon for Barack Obama.

If history teaches us nothing else it teaches us politicians aren’t qualified to manage any form of an economy, market or otherwise. One of the fortunate aspects of the American experience is the people’s lack of trust in their elected officials. It’s this lack of trust and continued vigilance that’s kept America the freest nation on earth for well over 200 years. Now is not the time to allow some Johnny come lately to show up with a bag full of empty promises and disrupt the natural flow of what has become the greatest nation on earth. It may be Americas lack of perfection is its strongest feature. I can’t fathom a perfect world or who would be qualified to be in charge.

The constitution is a solid document with enough wiggle room to allow the American experience adjustments to fit the times and still protect the rights of the people. Somewhere in my first 12 years in school I’m sure I read the constitution I’m equally sure I never learned what it meant. If a student learns nothing more in school they should learn to quote passages from the constitution. The constitution is the thing that stands between us and the barbarians. If young people learn their rights then they also learn of the opportunities available to them, too many of the younger generation are guided away from patriotism and national commitment. It’s time the pendulum swings back in favor of liberty away from government domination.

This country may be stuck with a president and congress bent on a rush to socialism that doesn’t mean we have to sit by and watch it devour us. Contact the local offices of your representatives in both houses of congress make you objection known. One voice magnified a thousand times will be heard loud and clear.

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