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February 20, 2009

Is Obama Toying With Congress & The Public

Filed under: Politics In General - 20 Feb 2009

Is Obama ignoring congress by signing the stimulus bill in Denver rather than in ceremonial fashion in the Whitehouse with the Democratic leadership present? Or is it the democratic leadership wants no part of the signing of this disastrous legislation. …

Obama’s Next Great Challenge: End Diversity Dysfunction

Filed under: Politics In General - 20 Feb 2009

There is yet another item to add to the staggering list of failures racked up by an administration still well short of being one month old.

That would be President Obama’s naive pledge to unify Americans in a orgiastic wonderland of …

Chuck Schumer: Liar, Propagandist, Anti-American, Killer of Free Speech

Usually I don’t go for the hard-edged treatment of politicians as my headline here does. I don’t often call individuals “liars” and the like, though I’ve been known to do so on occasion. Generally, I prefer to assume that those …

Kooky Cokie Lectures Conservatives About Being Irresponsible

Kooky Cokie Roberts of ABC believes that conservatives who voted against the $1 trillion dollar stimulus outrage are irresponsible and deserve punishment.

As reported, in part, at Newsbusters:

Foreign Spies Victimize US Businesses and Economy

Filed under: American National Security - 20 Feb 2009

The foreign intelligence threat within the United States is far more complex than it has ever been historically. The threat is increasingly asymmetrical insofar as it comes not only from traditional foreign intelligence services but also from nontraditional, non-state actors …

Dear Mr. Barack Hussein Obama – Why?

Filed under: In The News - 20 Feb 2009

I have been following the series of reports about President Obama’s obstruction into the myriad investigations involving his status as a “Natural Born” American. World Net Daily has been tracking the lawsuits and the actions of the many teams of …

Obama Administration Corruption And Chaos

Somehow, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA) has been able to keep a straight face while decrying the “culture of corruption” among Republicans. In retrospect, the nature of the infractions on which she based the accusation seem almost quaint in comparison …