Dear Mr. Barack Hussein Obama – Why?

By: Michael John McCrae

I have been following the series of reports about President Obama’s obstruction into the myriad investigations involving his status as a “Natural Born” American. World Net Daily has been tracking the lawsuits and the actions of the many teams of lawyers hired by our foreign-born elected usurper to protect against the major contention that he isn’t legally permitted to hold our nation’s highest office.

Everyone should be asking these questions. The mainstream media ignores Mr. Obama’s many associations with gangsters, racist preachers, domestic terrorists and communists. The prevailing attitude is that Obama is so squeaky clean that he did not allow associations (some as long as 20 years) to affect his personal idealism. Yet recent events have proven he is an extreme leftist perfectly willing to allow America sink into the dregs of socialism while he plays basketball.

Why is Mr. Obama keeping his colleges transcripts and records sealed? Why can’t Mr. Obama produce a Selective Service Card that is not an obvious forgery? Why are his records at Harvard Law School sealed? Why does he continue to fight against producing a certified true copy of his actual Birth Certificate?

My opinion is that any of these documents being questioned are proof that Mr. Obama isn’t who he claims to be. My opinion is that Mr. Obama is foreign born and that his Kenyan Grandmother is not a liar. My opinion is that the Democratic Party of the American Congress is in full knowledge of our foreign-born president’s status but realizes that to let that cat out of the bag would cause the total destruction of the liberalism and socialism they are now fostering on their happily ignorant and government dependent constituency.

Why is Mr. Obama threatening economic sanctions against those asking these questions? Why are the courts of the land siding with a Kenyan against actual Americans? Are those holding the political and judicial power over the masses so afraid of the truth or that they might lose their precious, redistributionist authority that they are willing to allow a pliant foreigner to represent the nation while formulating law in his name?

It has become no secret that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the power behind the idol. The visible wizard is only a symbol. The power to steal from the people has been transferred to the Democratic majorities of the House and Senate. Mr. Obama is content to take vacations and allow others to make his decisions for him. He is set to sign a spending bill that has been termed the greatest spending bill ever. The bill has had no debate. Republican representation has not been consulted. No congressperson has actually fully read the bill. Obama has not read the bill he has declared he will sign.

Once our Kenyan-born elected usurper signs that spending bill into law the democrats will joyously begin building Harry Reid’s Disneyland Express while protecting Nancy Pelosi’s marsh mouse; Barney Frank (the chief cause of America’s economic meltdown) has already said the $50 billion allocated to mortgage relief will not be enough, so he is prepared to ask for additional funds when that $50 billion is wasted, paying off democrat voters who haven’t been able to pay for their homes.

Our newly elected foreign-born president refuses to tell the truth. He campaigned on tax cuts and transparency. He is a proven liar. He is going to sign a bill no American has seen, that will put every American in eternal debt to the government. In my opinion, one year from now Obama will claim the need for tax increases to make up for the tremendous deficits created by his signature.

But I too have hope. I hope the United States Supreme Court will finally review Obama’s disputed documents and declare the usurper ineligible. This will invalidate every Executive Order and Law he places his foreign-born signature to.

It is my opinion that Mr. Obama should erase all doubt. He fights against the exposure of documents that the public has a right to see. All I want to know is…Why?

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