Is Obama Toying With Congress & The Public

By: Ken Hughes

Is Obama ignoring congress by signing the stimulus bill in Denver rather than in ceremonial fashion in the Whitehouse with the Democratic leadership present? Or is it the democratic leadership wants no part of the signing of this disastrous legislation. Perhaps congress is learning to stand clear of things that go bump in the night. Obama’s arrogance it beginning to show through especially with his relationship with congress, it’s obvious he holds the entire republican congress in contempt. This is a man who truly believes he’s been anointed by the American people to Messiah status. So far the democratic congress has fallen into lock step behind Obama, that’s about to change. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid aren’t about to relinquish their authority to a man who will be out in 4 or 8 years. Pelosi / Reid can afford to give away a few trillion dollars belonging to the tax payers but they will never surrender their authority, not to Obama not ever. There are 535 voting member of congress and only one president what does that tell us, the King is dead there is no King.

The first venture out of the Oval office for Bush 42 he went to the hill to meet with democratic congress. The olive branch he offered was asking Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy to write a new education bill. A bill Bush has been chastised for over the past 7 years over. Democrats saw this as a sign of weakness rather than a gesture of friendship Bush paid a heavy price the next 8 years for his gesture of friendship. Liberals are like ally cats fighting over the last fish in the garbage can. This is not to say all Democrats are liberal, there are many fine upstanding democrats whose voices will never be heard over the roar of liberals, unless and until the voters use their franchise to make changes in congress liberalism will eat away at our democratic way of governing.

The disintegration of the constitution as the guiding light of our government began with Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society something that was intended to end slavery and bring all Americans together as equals turned into just one more form of slavery. It was a democratic congress who built housing projects, created food stamps and aid for dependent children then drove father out of the homes creating a society of “My baby daddy and My baby momma” creating children who would be raised by single grandmothers never knowing their real parents. Never having the experiences of real homes with real family members to share love and responsibilities these children become lost in later life. Now we have a president who was raised much the same way, not knowing his father and having a mother who tricked her way around college campuses. This subculture of depravity is something Obama is very familiar with if not from personal experiences then by association. Are we Americans going to allow
this new Obama administration to reduce us all to a status of government welfare slaves? It seems obvious the Obama plan for the stimulus package is to break the bank so he can play Alexander Hamilton the II and start the countries monetary system all over again.

Neither the president nor congress is giving the American people any credit for intelligence that seems to be a Washingtonian mind set. What they’re overlooking they were once from the hinterlands outside of Washington just like the rest of us. A lease on an apartment in Washington isn’t the same as having a PhD in the Domination of Mankind. In explaining his campaign promises Obama seems to suffer from liberal laryngitis, his administrations transparency seems to have turned into a led wall of silence. Its obvious Obama thinks his Messiah status will excuse him from being accountable to the public, not so. Obama is an elected official whose responsibility is to the public not to his own ideology. Obama and some of his followers may think he is infallible the rest of us who count don’t think so, when there are more of us than of them Obama will do a one eighty and come around to understanding his responsibilities as president of all the people not just the few.

Obama wasn’t elected because he’s intelligent he isn’t. nor because of his experiences he doesn’t have any. He was elected to send a message to republicans in congress, shape up or ship out. Never in the history of presidential elections has a single candidate spent so much money on his campaign. It’s called advertising almost to the point of being subliminal. More people who’ve never voted before and will probably never vote again voted for Obama.
It’s doubtful he can attract them back next time, by then all his warts will be visible and out in the open and his stammering oratory will by then be meaningless. To use a somewhat derogatory expression “Obama’s shot his wad now he’ll have to fish or cut bait.”

If we aren’t diligent in our choices selecting elected officials that’s our fault not those we elect. Every voter should study the issues and decide what as a tax payer they can afford. In this country we get the government we elect we have choices and should respect them more. Liberalism hasn’t worked anywhere in the world, why now why here?

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