Kooky Cokie Lectures Conservatives About Being Irresponsible

By: John Lillpop

Kooky Cokie Roberts of ABC believes that conservatives who voted against the $1 trillion dollar stimulus outrage are irresponsible and deserve punishment.

As reported, in part, at Newsbusters:

“ABC’s Cokie Roberts denounced as ‘irresponsible’ conservative opposition to the “stimulus” bill and suggested those who voted against it should be punished, declaring on Sunday’s This Week: ‘I just think that when you’re in a situation like this, to do nothing is so irresponsible that you can’t, you can’t get away with it.’”

No doubt, Cokie is well intentioned and patriotic in her concerns.

However, Cokie’s rage would more appropriate if directed at the Democrats and three Republicans who voted for the bill.

Did you realize, Cokie, that NONE of those who voted for the bill actually read its 1,100 pages? If sufficient time was not available to read the damned bill, the responsible thing would have been to vote NO!

As far as “doing nothing” is concerned, conservatives were blocked from doing anything by hard-core liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Looking for irresponsible? Consider the fact that Democrats took advantage of a national crisis in order to fund liberal projects that will encumber the American people, their children, and their grandchildren, with debt unrelated to job growth or economic stimulus.

Now that is irresponsible!


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