Porkulus the $4.5 Trillion Dollar Trojan Horse

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By: E. Anthony Santos

Trying to wrap your arms around $800 Billion dollars of pent up liberal fantasies wrapped up in 1000+ pages no one bothered to read before voting…? The Democratic left is marking their territory. Having captured the Whitehouse, and controlling interest of the DC Temple of Wisdom their mission is not restoring our Pre-Housing Bubble prosperity , but rather the permanent control and reformation of the economy in their vision.

Porkulus is a Trojan Horse, a $780 Billion dollar placeholder to an accessible cache of $4.5 TRILLION dollars. Only fear and perception of an economic collapse could fund a bill of this magnitude. Porkulus is the means to keep the fear alive for a bit longer. The conservative remedy would be to cut the 2nd highest corporate tax on the planet, cut or suspend capital gains, personal income tax, let time and the free-market acclimate. The Bush Tax cuts ending the Post 9/11 recession produced, sustained low unemployment, record treasury revenues , record GDP, an all time Dow High (14087 pts) just 16 months ago, all while fighting 2 wars with one arm tied behind his back. The left would rather set themselves on fire, rather than yield control, or concede to a conservative principle. The left has waited 15 long years to implement the Extreme American Makeover.

Barack Obama and the Shovel Ready leadership of the DC Temple of Wisdom, hammered together an $800 Billion dollar bill of Congressional door prizes in a matter of weeks. After much drama and political masturbation a bill of more than a thousand pages passes (without being read) in the backdrop of Rep. Barney Frank’s Tarp Banker CEO Barbecue. While Republicans, and constituents obsess over detail and execution, Porkulus it is providing Democrats cover to Acquire not borrow Trillions of dollars insuring their future control.

China holds about $1.7 Trillion in US debt, and for the moment float the purchase of US Treasury Bonds (Porkulus), payment for Beijing ‘s own $600 Billion Stimulus program. Market confidence and future funding options are fading. Average Joe will soon learn the liberal meaning of personal responsibility, self sacrifice, and investing in America’s future. In November 08 a Brief by the Economic Policy Institute outlined the benefits (Confiscation) of transferring the $4.5 Trillion dollars in existing 401k and IRA retirement programs into Federal Guaranteed Retirement (GRA) accounts. Under this program, each participant will be awarded, zero tax benefits, a mandatory 5% contribution , with an annual yield of, (sittin down) …3%.

The Dow has lost 45+% since a high of 14807 pts in October 07 nearly 7000 pts, 2000 pts since Barack Obama’s Grant Park Presidential acceptance speech. The illusion of imminent economic collapse, Class Warfare, and fear are effective tools to establish Government as the permanent solution. Millions of Americans have shut down, stopped opening their retirement statements, waiting for the economic recovery that will be delivered in the form of future dependence. As the Dow continues to fall GRA conversions will be an alternative to total loss. Incentives offered by the newly Nationalized Congressional Bank and Anti-Trust include, toasters, steak knives or a limited edition Barack Obama commemorative coin set with every 401k to Federal GRA account transferred. With $4.5 Trillion dollars in their coffers, Porkulus will be rendered academic. Social Security will not have to operate on the Bernie Madoff payment plan. All things Liberal are possible .

Republic or Monarchy? “A republic if you can keep it” (Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790) The greatest danger we face is not the failure of Capitalism, but the shredding of Principles of Freedoms afforded in the United States Constitution. Remarkably in the course of the Porkulus drama, one would be hard pressed to cite a single remote reference to the Constitution.

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