Democrat Contempt

By: Eddie Clements

We all have heard about “speaking truth to power”. When will we get a little truth FROM power? My, apologies; I misspoke in earlier writings. What was taken for arrogance in President Obama and Democrats we now see is expressed as contempt.

Attorney General Eric Holder reveals the true nature of the administration’s attitude, saying we are cowards about race. The first black Attorney General, who worked to pardon a tax-cheating fugitive from American justice, disregards the fact that a man of his race was elected President. President Obama contemptuously submits as his choice for the number two man at Justice a lawyer who defended peddlers of pornography. Unrelenting, unrepentant contempt for America, its people, and all they stand for was a hallmark belief of the shadow Education Secretary and close presidential acquaintance William Ayers.

Contempt was expressed to Republicans during the stimulus bill’s negotiations by Obama’s sneering “I won .” Obama publicly characterized their suggestions that taxes be cut, which he promised during his campaign, as “failed policies of the past” that helped lead to the economic mess. Contempt for America and its people is not exclusive to the President; it is the new status quo belief for Democrats, party of the American apartheid.

The administration – nay, regime – showed its contempt for American voters by appointing to cabinet positions and one “oversight” position people who cheat on their taxes. Congress showed its contempt by voting in favor of the nominees. Obama showed contempt for achievers by insisting they finance mortgages (through taxes, and asset value lost) of irresponsible home buyers who should not have been extended loans. The regime shows contempt to the families of those murdered by a violent Islamofascist by refusing to allow him to be prosecuted by a military court as scheduled. Obama shows contempt for his supporters by reneging on his promise to give tax cuts to 95% of Americans. Hey, lots of voters didn’t believe it – and didn’t vote for Obama, either.

The regime shows contempt for those who have earned wealth by insisting their taxes be raised. The regime shows contempt for private corporate executive officers by pressuring them to accept lower salaries and/or bonuses. We now learn the Postmaster General was awarded a performance bonus despite a six-billion dollar net loss in revenues for the postal service. Obama shows contempt for a successful nation by signing into law a very bad bill which introduces changes to the nation neither required nor desired. He shows contempt for America’s future by financing this bill on the backs of your children and grandchildren.

Contempt for capitalism is the Democrat rage du jour. They point to the inequality of outcomes as proof that such a system can’t deliver as advertised, their interpretation of what capitalism is supposed to promise. It was never intended as a system guaranteeing equal outcome, it guarantees equal opportunity when accompanied by freedoms. These freedoms include those things in the Bill of Rights, freedom to make our own choices, freedom to withhold choice, and others. Restrictions such as non-discrimination are necessary, but we all agree on many of these. Capitalism is being unjustifiably vilified by deception, a favorite tool of Democrat demagoguery. Democrats decry capitalism’s drawbacks, while condescendingly sneering at its advantages and accomplishments.

Congress shows contempt for America and its achievements by formulating a dreadful piece of legislative swill, H.R.1 of 2009. Without being debated or even read, the 1000+ page bill was hurried through before resistance among voters could build, which Congress knew it would. Democrats exhibited contempt for their fellow legislators by excluding them from the process, disregarding input or amendment, and refusing to allow an alternative to be introduced on the House floor. Such unconscionable partisanship contemptuously disenfranchises voters who sent legislators to D.C. to do the very things Democrats disallowed. In so doing, Democrats contemptuously violate their Constitutional duty.

Democrats show their contempt for Americans in the airplane-making business by publicly chiding corporate executives for owning corporate jets to be used in their business. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and selected Democrats then flew off to Italy after the vote for H.R. 1 on the federal government jet supplied to Speaker Pelosi for her exclusive use at taxpayer expense. The despotic Speaker from San Francisco refuses to remove tax cheat Charlie Rangel, Democrat-New York, from his Chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee that writes House tax policy. Not surprisingly she shows contempt to the Pope, ignoring the Pontiff when he said she needs to stick with her espoused Catholic beliefs and disavow abortion.

Every day in Washington, D.C. brings another opportunity for Democrats to exhibit their contempt for America and the things Americans have achieved. The Constitution is not good enough, it fails to guarantee that everyone achieve happiness, not just pursue it. Exploiting ignorance and fear, Democrats blame Wall Street executives and successful business persons for enriching themselves unfairly using the labor of low-income Americans to do so. Democrats convey the idea low-income people must trust Democrats to alleviate their alleged suffering, when Democrats have done little but cause that same suffering through ill-advised policy. Successful alterations in welfare rules during the 1990’s forced people to get jobs that paid more than they could earn through welfare checks, and reduced numbers of children born out of wedlock. The rules are reversed in H.R. 1, ensuring welfare recipient numbers will grow. States will be rewarded for growing welfare rolls, while recipients will be permanently impoverished financially because they will receive less than they could through work, and spiritually impoverished through lack of activity and accompanying chance of improvement of their lot in life. Recall that “idle hands are the devil’s handiwork”. Indolence is encouraged, achievement punished. Democrats won’t be concerned; their positions will be retained through the power of the purse. Note the purse is our money, of course, which Democrat politicians think is theirs.

What can we do to effect “change we can believe in”? A popular question regarding such issues is, “what would Jesus do?” A good question, considering our leaders are supposed to be appointed by God, and we should pray for them. Here in today’s America, however, leaders are not appointed or inherited (we’ll talk about that another time!), they are elected, by us. In my view this allows us to criticize them mercilessly, particularly when they are as dead wrong in their actions as are Democrats today. It’s not so much what we should do but how to reply to the challenges presented by politicians who hold us in contempt.

Jesus provides the perfect guidance. Pharisees and scribes are respectively priests and lawyers, right? When Jesus saw the moneychangers exploiting the poor at synagogue, he overturned their tables, saying they defiled his Father’s house by making a house of prayer into a den of thieves. Democrats probably would try to convince us they are playing the role of Jesus, as savior. No, Democrats are Pharisees and scribes, making and enforcing policy that people must follow to be allowed to pray in the Father’s house, which the Pharisees mistakenly think is theirs. Praying was a part of everyone’s normal conduct, as is earning a living by some means. Pharisees therefore took some of peoples’ earnings and forced them to obey unnecessary rules just so ordinary people could do what came normally.

Jesus berates the Pharisees for making a big show of praying in public, for taking the best food and sitting at the best seats during feasts, elevating themselves above everyone else. He says the Pharisees congratulate each other proudly on their piety, which is undeserved because it is done for the wrong reasons. Does that sound anything like Democrats? What was the Pharisees action in response, sincere reflection? No, they got mad; their privilege became threatened. Much like Democrats act to suppress the seriousness of charges against their own, like Rangel or Chris Dodd, Democrat-Connecticut, or William “Freezing the Dollar” Jefferson.

Democrats would say that they in fact stand up for the little guy, the least, which is what Jesus commands, therefore Democrats are righteous. Wrong again, camel-breaths. Whether lesser or higher, each must stand on his own, not be supported for life. You offer aid to others (works) not to uplift yourself, or achieve righteousness, which for Democrats would be gaining public office. Rather, righteousness provides witness to the glory of the Lord. If you love the Lord with all your heart and all your soul, your works will provide that witness.

Time to throw the confused Democrat Pharisees out of their feathered nests and undeserved positions of privilege. They have demonstrated nothing but contempt for the whole range of forces that got them where they are: the capitalist system, rule of law and righteous Americans of good will.

Eddie Clements

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