Obama Please Read The Tenth Amendment To The Constitution

By: Ken Hughes

Quote: “The powers not delegated to the United States [congress & president] by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

What this means in today’s terms is simply the president and congress have gone way beyond their constitutional authority according to the founding fathers mandates. This total disregard for the laws of the land aren’t in just this current stimulus bill but have been going on for the past 75 years since the first stimulus bill passed in 1933. Obama seems to be taking pride in the fact he’s dwarfing FDR’s records of the government wrestling power from the private sector. And why shouldn’t we be surprised, Obama never claimed he would be a president of the people for the people, he made it clear he was and would be his own man come hell or high water, [both hell and high water are here now, deal with it Mr. President.]

I have a nemesis and good friend, [almost PhD] Dr. Michelle Malsbury a grad-student in of one of Florida’s more popular Liberal Universities. Michelle’s fallen pray to the Obama [charm] mystique that government brings more prosperity to the country than a free market system. She openly believes socialism will return America to its former place in the worlds economic and social status. It’s beyond her comprehension that when the American financial markets collapsed the world’s financial stability collapsed at the same time because of what happened in America and it was not by coincidence, it was because as America goes so goes the world. She also refuses to recognize socialism has failed everywhere it’s ever been tried. She claims the European conglomerates are socialistic. They’re not, they’re simply grossly over-taxed and over-regulated. Otherwise they operate on the same free market concept as America. Not to worry Michelle’s heroes / heroins have been Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al and Tipper Gore, John and [what’s her name] Kerry, Teddy and [whoever’s there at the moment] Kennedy and now Barack and Michelle Obama, “Need I say more….?”

The intent of the 10th amendment was to assure people individually they have the opportunity and the right to manage their own lives. Not have a government mandate one size fits all and regulate society to conform to one standard. Obama isn’t the first man to sell the country a promise of Utopia in his time. It’s everyone’s wish to have a little more by doing a little less for it. That’s a political promise that can’t be fulfilled never has and never will be, the question is why do voters keep falling for the same old promises?

The entire constitution and the bill of rights is about opportunity and mans right to self determination, America was born from men / women seeking a nation of limited government. A government of the people, by the people for the people was unprecedented and thought by most an unworkable concept. Even the founding fathers weren’t sure it would work, When Ben Franklyn was ask what the Continental Congress had given us his reply was “a government if you can keep it.” so far we’ve, managed to keep it longer than any other government on earth with few exceptions. From 1812 until 1941 no nation had ever challenged the sovereignty of the United States, America stood as a beacon of strength to the world. For three centuries immigrants came by the millions none left nor did any American citizens. This all took place before there was a Barack Obama to inform us we’d been doing it wrong all these years.

It would be remiss of me not to cover the issue of slavery. Slavery was a blacks man’s invention, one that was exported to America by Europeans. Slavery still exists in Africa along with genocide and any number of other barbaric practices. Mr. Obama and his ilk are quick to point out the lack of opportunity for blacks in America with out recognizing blacks in America live better than blacks any where else in the world. If anything blacks have become the privileged few in America the rest [non minorities] have to work like hell to survive.

It’s been said words are the most lethal weapon the world has ever known. I tend to agree words often succeed where bombs fail.

The first Europeans who came to the new world were men craving adventure and riches. The next group were men and women craving freedom of expression and freedom of opportunity, [then riches.] They built a nation by struggling under the most sever circumstances, yet they built the nation. Then like now when the pot was full and seemed to be overflowing the politicians came along and insisted the people share with the less privileged, those persons who didn’t make the sacrifices helping fill the pot. There are two parasites no exterminator can eliminate, politicians and the deservedly poor.

It’s the duty of every voter in any election to know and at least be aware of the meanings of the issues. There are hundreds of ways of gathering the facts, political punditry is one if it’s heard with skepticism in mind. The best barometer of truth is the voters own good judgment, any thing they’ve heard before that hasn’t happened should be discarded as political hype. If voters vote their interests and not the parties interests things will change for the betterment of the public and not the party.

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