Why Not Tax Based On Productivity

By: Ken Hughes

This is not as absurd as it sounds. If taxpayers only paid for the services they received the federal tax burden would be cut by over half. If congress were only paid when they were actually working that would save the taxpayers additional billions. Many very successful people in this country get paid by the unit and not by the hour. The concept goes back to pre-Revolutionary times when barter was the coin of necessity instead of money. It seems the more government grows the more our opportunities diminish, America was created by those who craved the challenges of creating a nation from the ashes of revolution. The concept of a citizen government was unprecedented in 1776 and more than a bit scary. Never the less the colonials forged ahead creating a nation the envy of the world. That pioneer spirit is slipping away, we seem to moving back to a monarchy style government. Never closer than President Obama seems intent on taking us.

There’s no question Washington needs to change but adding more of the same isn’t the change we expected. President Obama has appointed more admitted crooks to high level positions than any president in history. As Obama goes flub by flub on a daily bases his most ardent supporters have new excuses covering his ineptness. A month ago Obama was the smartest most experienced man to ever occupy the Oval Office, after screwing up his first month their saying he’s new give him a chance. Obama’s chance came when he was elected president, this isn’t an apprenticeship he’s going through. Then of course many are reverting back to blaming George Bush, wasn’t it Obama who promised to erase all the Bush mistakes on his first days in office. Barack Obama has promised to pay off half the national debt in four years. Am I not hearing right didn’t the debt just double with a stroke of an Obama pen. Obama doesn’t have a clue what the national debt amounts to, half the nations retirement income is from the interest paid on the national debt, what’s Obama going to do throw all us old folks under the bus?

Obama is an example of what happens when we allow children to play with loaded guns. If we are to judge the productivity of the stimulus legislation on that of the Indonesian Tsunami, the Katrina Hurricane rescue attempts and the relief efforts in India and Pakistan earthquakes more than half will go to the friends of political hacks and never see those it is intended for. Politicians are keen on the pay as you go concept, that is pay the lobbyists and contributors as they go and to hell with the victims. The second stimulus bill was very expensive legislation that will do little and cost much. No congress person read the bill however they were reading how the first stimulus money was being wasted by bankers. The only morons who can’t anticipate the waste throwing all these billions at incompetent loan sharks and used car salesman are congress and the president. These are the same men and women how take an oath to protect and serve the citizens of this nation.

The philosophy of America is becoming a nation clothed in greed and dependent on others for our sustenance, as long as politicians promise the good life and people buy their rhetoric the ship of state will continue to head for the sand bank. When it hit’s the sand bank if it hasn’t already everyone is going to have to get out of the boat and push. Obama can’t expect only the productive few to do all the pushing while he pays others to stand by the rail and watch, that’s green tree hugger economics at it’s worst.

For years politicians have coddled the so called poor in order to guarantee they vote liberal. No one has ever been encouraged to work when they can earn as much or more in government hand outs, that’s ghetto / barrio / other side of the tracks economics 101. The main reason for menial jobs leaving this country and not being available to the underachievers isn’t because a president told a company to move off shore for diplomatic reasons. It’s because the public won’t pay the American labor costs, they insist on more for less and the markets respond. The imbalance of trade isn’t anything the government can change, the imbalanced in trade is between Wal-Mart, the big box stores the American people and their off shore suppliers.

There’s a way out of this 75 year mess liberalism has created, to paraphrase John F. Kennedy “Ask not what your government is going to do for you but what you can do for yourselves.” Rather than loading up on junk foods the underachievers should try B-12 the energy pill. It’s time the so called underprivileged got a kick in the ass to get them started in life. America is still the land of opportunity, opportunity exists under every rock and behind every bush. No country has done more to atone for past indiscretions than America, no so called disadvantaged have done less and bitched more than those in America. The time has come to call it as it is, the lazy get lazier the more the government hands out to them. Can we blame them, hell yes we can anyone with any pride doesn’t live of the efforts of others. Those blacks who complain about discrimination and lack of opportunity should be required to visit Haiti 600 miles off the Florida coast to look poverty at it worst in the eye. America is one of the few countries who pays its ethnic population to remain ethnics. Poverty and the rhetoric over discrimination are cash cows for politicians and so called Civil Rights workers Or as Obama refers to them “Community Organizers.” I prefer to refer to them as con men and hucksters but then I’m not politically correct.

It’s imperative to change the mood of congress in the 2010 elections. The only way back to a constitutional government is a new majority of conservatives from both the republican and democratic parties. Yes Homer there are conservative democrats their kept locked up in soundproof closets.

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