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February 26, 2009

The Failure of ‘Help’: ‘Modified Loans’ Don’t Modify Repayment

Filed under: Economics,Politically Incorrect Reality - 26 Feb 2009

One of the fixes that Democrats are insisting upon to save people’s homes is the idea of the “modified mortgage.” A modified loan is an offer to homeowners that have either become delinquent in payments or have become overwhelmed …

Homeland Security and Electronic Crimes

Filed under: American National Security - 26 Feb 2009

On October 26, 2001, President Bush signed into law H.R. 3162, the USA PATRIOT Act. The US Secret Service was mandated by the Act to establish a nationwide network of Electronic Crimes Task Forces (ECTFs).

The Vampire Obama

Filed under: Politics In General - 26 Feb 2009

I love vampire movies. I have even watched all the Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer TV series on DVD–twice. Perhaps it is no wonder that I see Obama and his policies through a vampirian lens.

The Pendulum Swings

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 26 Feb 2009

There are people who have many misconceptions of Christianity. Some believe it is a heavy weight of do’s and don’ts piled upon one’s shoulders. Others believe that it’s an “if you sin, you’ll go to hell” doctrine.

Divorce, In Keeping with Sharia Law

Filed under: In The News - 26 Feb 2009

Snobbish American men who regard Sharia Law as an inferior abomination may wish to reconsider that judgment, at least when it comes to divorce settlements.

Unlike American divorce laws, which assume that every husband is a wife beater, adulterer, and corrupting …

In Defense of the White Man

While many believe that prejudice has diminished over time, it’s not really true. Prejudice is much like the wind: Its direction changes, and the sheltered and well-situated may not sense it, but it’s always blowing on some people somewhere. …